Saturday, September 22, 2012

The End Of Sox.Rox

This season has taken a great toll on me. When March came and I had gotten a comment on this very blog stating that I had been offered an opportunity to apply for a job at BoSox Injection. I jumped at the chance to apply, and I did get one of the two jobs they were offering. At the time, I thought that I could just write around the BSI minimum of two posts a week while continuing to post regularly on Sox.Rox as my primary blog.

That's exactly what I did for a few months, until one of our writers-- the one who wrote game recaps-- had to leave the site for personal reasons. We established a rotating schedule for game posts, and I had two games a week added to my workload. This meant that on a few days of the week, I had to post two or more  articles saying approximately the same thing on two different sites.

As the season progressed, the workload increased. When I was on my summer break, it was fine, but in these past few weeks it's been very difficult for me to juggle these two blogs. BoSox Injection is a more popular blog than Sox.Rox, and thus is a better opportunity for me to continue my young career as a baseball writer.

I'm much more likely to be noticed by bigger and better Red Sox blogs there than I am here. That's the sad truth. I feel that it's better for me to focus on BoSox Injection than it is to keep taking time out of my schedule to write here.

I wish that I could write on two blogs, the way I've been doing it all year. However, in doing so I've lost some of my love in covering baseball. Of course, that's also partially because this has been a terrible season that's seen the Red Sox slip to 4th in the AL East at 68-84. Still, though, I'd be honored and greatly appreciate if some of you would follow my writing career further. That can start by going to BoSox Injection. It's a great Red Sox blog with a number of talented writers, and I hope that I can continue to be one going forward.

Thank you all for making these last four years so good for me. I hope you continue to read my work at BSI, but Sox.Rox will be no more.


  1. Wow, I feel that it's the end of an institution. I'll be sorry to see Sox.Rox go -- though happy that we can still follow you at BoSox Injection. Maybe we can think of it as you being called up from Triple A. It's been a great run and your writing has really progressed over the years.

    I'm very proud of you Conor -- keep up the good work at BoSox Injection. Bon Voyage Sox.Rox!

  2. You've done a superb job covering the Sox this year and in the past and I've enjoyed your witty writing style and on-the-mark insights about the Sox. I will miss Sox Rox but will become a devoted follower of you on BoSox Injection. Write on!

  3. I did the exact same thing Conor, pulling the plug on last spring and I did for the very same reasons. Focusing on my writing at Bosox Injection has been beneficial for my focus and I feel, in the long run, better for the followers of my previous blog that, by the way, followed me right over to Bosox Injection. Nice work on this site. Welcome aboard!

  4. Congratulations on a job well done, Conor, and on a job still progressing (BSI). The regular writing schedule has payed great dividends in your development as a writer. I look forward to your continued success.

  5. Conor, it has been a pleasure to follow your blogs. I know that it takes a great passion to dedicate yourself to writing blogs. We are very proud of you and feel that this will be a great opportunity for you. There is no doubt the Sox will be back so hang in there and continue with your passion! Best of luck! Uncle Ed

  6. Sorry to see sox.rox go, but its definitely the right step and I'll enjoying continuing to see your work over at BSI. This has been one of the hardest teams to follow in my 35 (or so) years as a fan, but here's hoping they turn it around quickly. As we used to say every year.... "wait 'til next year...." Jay S.

  7. Congrats on wrapping up this great blog! You did an admirable job sticking with the game this year, despite it being a difficult season for the Sox and their fans. All the best on your new gig--pretty cool that you earned it!

  8. Nice work, Connor! I am very impressed with your skills on the Sox.Rox blog and I am also very impressed at how you've hit the ground running on the BoSox Injection! Keep it up!
    Paul Richardson

  9. That's too bad.... But is your benefit and you are going to find excellent choices in BoSox with great info like this.. I wish you Success and good luck.