Saturday, November 28, 2009

Shortstop Problems Continuing for Red Sox

As we all know, our shortstop Alex Gonzalez was not excersized in his mutual $6 million option for 2010, now he is totally out of reach, as he has signed a 1-year deal with the Toronto Blue Jays. Luckily, the Red Sox have a little friend waiting for them, Marco Scutaro (right) the former Toronto shortstop who is now a free agent and probably is feeling a little betrayed by the Jays. Scutaro had the best season of his 8-year career this year, and lucky for him, it happened just before free agency. Scutaro hit .282 with 12 homers and 60 RBIs as he is a great leadoff hitter, he reaches base a lot, with his .379 OBP. Scutaro has had a few suitors in need of a shortstop including the Red Sox, Dodgers, Mariners, and Rangers. Scutaro has said that he would prefer to join the Red Sox or Dodgers, because he would like to play in the playoffs. Come to papa, Marco, we need a shortstop!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sox Make Trade for Backup Infielder

Yesterday, the Red Sox made a trade for minor league infielder, Tug Hulett. Hulett is a minor leaguer who may see some time in the major leagues as a backup, as he has had some seasoning. In 2008, Hulett played 30 games and had a line of .224, 1, 2 but then was acquired off waivers by the Kansas City Royals last offseason, where he played in 1 games and had a terrible line of .111, 0, 1 although you have to consider he could become a good player with some stints down in Pawtucket (AAA) or Portland. (AA) The Red Sox acquired this 26-year old in a trade with the Kansas City Royals that sent a player to be named or cash over o Kansas City. We may or may not see Hulett next year.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Red Sox Trying To Acquire Halladay

The New York Daily News recently reported that the Red Sox are making a "full-court press" to get Halladay. Halladay is currently on the Trading Block as he is the ace of the Blue Jays. Halladay finished 5th in AL Cy Young award voting this year as he went 17-10 with a 2.79 ERA as he was very good, especially early on. Unfortunately, as usual, the Yankees are also making a "full-court press" as they are always in contention for a $20 million contract. Speaking of which, I am going to start the "Made-of-$" saga in which I blog about each huge contract the Yankees succeed in. If the Yankees acquire Halladay, they would have to give up Joba Chamberlain and Phil Hughes, plus a top prospect. The Red Sox would have to give up Clay Buchholz and Casey Kelly (a top prospect) who may be better than what the Yanks have to offer. Go Sox!!!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Red Sox Finalize Coaches For 2010

Yesterday, the Red Sox decided what their coaching staff was going to look like after the departure of Bench Coach Brad Mills (now Astros' manager) but it looks like they have finally figured it out. They gave their big promotion to bench coach to DeMarlo Hale (right) as he has now stopped as their 3rd base coach, the position he has been in since 2006. They also promoted Ron Johnson, the AAA Pawtucket manager for 5 years running, to play their first base coach and moved Tim Bogar to 3rd base. This will be next year's coaching staff.
Hitting Coach: Dave Magadan
Pitching Coach: John Farrel
1st Base Coach: Ron Johnson
3rd Base Coach: Tim Bogar
Bench Coach: DeMarlo Hale
Coaching Assistant: Rob Leary

Friday, November 20, 2009

Sox Restock Pawtucket with RHP

Today the Red Sox claimed Mariners prospect Robert Manuel off waivers. The Mariners traded Wladimir Balentien for Robert Manuel on July 29th, but Manuel did not make an appearance in Seattle. In 3 relief appearances with the Reds this year, Manuel threw 4.1 innings allowing no runs and a .294 average against. After Manuel went to the Mariners AAA Tacoma Warriors, he went 1-1 with 4 saves and a 3.32 in 15 relief appearances there. Before, with Cincinatti's AAA Louisville Bats, he went 3-4 with a 2.70 ERA and 10 saves in 36 appearances in his stint. Manuel is a talented prospect who we may or may not see in 2010.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

One Too Many Catchers In Boston

With the options for Victor Martinez and Jason Varitek exercised, the Red Sox had a catcher they did not need in George Kottaras. Accordingly, Kottaras asked for a release and the Sox gave it to him, as only hours after his release, he was signed by the Milwaukee Brewers. In 45 games in '09, Kottaras hit .237 with 1 homer and 10 RBIs as he mainly caught Tim Wakefield in the first half then he was caught by the injury bug. If Kottaras was not released by the Sox, he would have not caught much between the absences of the fairly consistent Martinez and Varitek. We wish Kottaras well in Milwaukee to satisfy the Brewers' catching needs!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Red Sox Express Interest in Lackey

Free Agents can not meet with other teams than their previous ones until November 20th, but that doesn't mean teams can't be interested in them. The Red Sox are interested in John Lackey, a 31 year old righty who is becoming a free agent this year. Lackey had respectable stats with an 11-8 record and 3.83 ERA in 26 starts, but he has been better, like in 2007 he captured the ERA title at a stingy 3.01. The Red Sox and Brewers are the main teams trying to ensnare Lackey (other than the Angels) ad any sane person would want to go to the Red Sox out of those two teams. (Sorry, Brewers fans!) Lackey would be a great acquisition for the Sox, but it would be weird to see him away from the Angels.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Jason Bay Earns First Silver Slugger

Today, Jason Bay earned an award that he definitely... earned! Bay had a great season as you will discover if you read the posts I have made over the course of the year, as he went on to win my Player of the Year Award for the Sox. He set career-highs with his 36 homers as he led the Sox with a .267, 36, 119 line with great stats in every category. Bay also fielded very well as he fell short of a Gold Glove (as did all Red Sox) but he did have a tie for the league-lead in outfield assists with Nick Markakis of the Orioles. So you'd think, we have a Silver Slugger, we're rolling, but let me make something clear.
WE DO NOT HAVE A SILVER SLUGGER, yes, what am I talking about? I am saying, there are no guarantees that we will see Bay gain in '10, don't get scared, but it's true!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Red Sox Free Agents Deciding, One Decides

While many of the Sox' players file for free agency, Jason Varitek, the Red Sox' long-time catcher has decided to accept a $3 million option for 2010. Varitek took his career down a notch when the Red Sox traded for the flashier Victor Martinez from the Indians. This year, in 109 games, Varitek had an unspectacular line of .209, 14, 51 as he hit for the lowest average in his career. Other Red Sox who continue to file for free agency include Billy Wagner (1-1, 1.72, 26 in 17 games this year) has accepted arbitration for Boston. Nick Green and Joey Gathright have refused minor league options for '10, but we may still see them back in a Sox uniform. I am happy to see Varitek back with the Sox.

Monday, November 9, 2009

We Got Options

Today the Red Sox picked up two no-brainer options, for Victor Martinez and Tim Wakefield. Tim Wakefield (top) went 11-5 with a 4.58 ERA this year in 21 starts and 129.1 innings pitched, he has been resigned for a two-year deal. Victor Martinez (bottom) split '09 between Cleveland and Boston, and hit a combined .303 average with 23 bombs and 108 RBIs, although he is not a top notch catcher, he is such a good hitter that he can make up for that fact easily as since he came to Boston he had a fantastic line of .336, 8, 41 in 56 games after the Trading Deadline. With Victor back for sure in 2010, the Sox can focus on resigning the man who wears a C on his chest, as they declined Varitek's $5 million option for 2010, I don't know whether there will be more negotiations or if they will let him slip by. All I'm gonna say is, "We got options."

Sunday, November 8, 2009

A-Gon- Maybe Gone?

Today the Red Sox declined Alex Gonzalez's 2010 mutual option for $6 million. Despite the fact that the Sox declined the shortstop's option for 2010, it is reported that they still have an interest in the 32 year old shortstop, only for a smaller salary. In 112 games this year split between the Reds and Red Sox, A-Gon hit for a .238 average while hitting 8 homers and 41 RBIs while playing his usual slick defense at shortstop. In 44 games with Boston this year, Gonzalez made a remarkable 1 error in that time period. The Red Sox' defense was not the best this year, but with Gonzalez in for 2010 it might improve, they do not need another hole at short this year (Nick Green played in 103 games!!!!) but if they do not sign Gonzalez that may happen with the injury-prone Jed Lowrie.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Sox Improve Stability on Bench

On the day after the World Series ended, the Red Sox went right to work in this offseason, acquiring outfielder Jeremy Hermida from the Marlins. Hermida is a solid outfielder with a good, healthy bat. Hermida was one of the players that the Red Sox were trying to acquire in a trade for Manny Ramirez in the summer of '08, instead they got Jason Bay. Hermida is only 25, but he still has had some very good seasons, as in this season his line was .259, 13, 47 but the outfielder has had better years, like in '07 his line was .296, 18, 63. His numbers have much remained the same since then, except for his average, as from '07 to '08 it dropped .047 points in a disappointing season. I think that Hermida was a bargain for the Red Sox, as he is a good hitter, but he has not come into his own quite yet. This is the beginning of an interesting offseason for Boston.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Bite My Lips and Close My Eyes

Why me? Why me? Why me? Why is this happening now? How did this happen? Noooooooooooo!!!!! The Yankees have won the 2009 World Series. If you see a Yankees fan and they start rubbing it in, shake their hand, tip your cap, and call the Yankees the best team in baseball... Until next year!!!! You gotta have spirit, the Sox couldn't win in 86 years once, that curse is broken... twice! There is always next year for us, next year we will kill the Yankees, win the AL East, (Yankees get Wild Card) sweep in the ALDS, sweep the Yankees in the ALCS, and win the World Series, KEEP THE FAITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Red Sox Propose to Bay

It has been reported that the Red Sox have offered Jason Bay a contract for $60 million over four years, giving Bay a salary of $15 million over four years. The free agent left fielder has been in Boston since his midseason trade in '08 and has fit right in. Bay put up great numbers this year like .267, 36, 119 with career-highs in homers and RBIs while playing in a hitter-favored ballpark like Fenway. Unfortunately, the Sox have competition as obviously other teams are looking at this great player, the main other two are the New York Mets and the San Francisco Giants. I think that the Red Sox' to-do list this offseason includes: Resign Bay and Gonzalez, sign Beckett and Martinez, sign free agents Rich Harden and John Lackey, and trade for Adrian Gonzalez and Felix Hernandez. Let's hope they do that!