Thursday, April 29, 2010

Red Sox Take Out the Brooms (11-11)

Last night the Red Sox won a definite pitching game by a score of 2-0. Jon Lester (right) struck out 11 and allowed 1 hit over 7 strong innings, he is now 1-2/4.71/32 whcih is alright. Dustin Pedroia got an RBI on a sac fly in a 1-3 night for him. Darnell McDonald also got an RBI in a 2-3 night as he has been pretty good since he came up from AAA, he is .333/2/5 along with some slick defense in centerfield. Jonathan Papelbon also got the save, his 7th of the season as he is an elite closer for sure. The Red Sox have an off day today then on Friday they head down to Baltimore to play the Orioles. The pitching matchup will be John Lackey (2-1/5.09/11) vs David Hernandez (0-3/4.84/14) on Friday night at 7:10 pm. Oh man, doesn't a sweep feel great?!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Patience Pays Off For Red Sox (10-11)

Yesterday the Red Sox won 2-1 when Mike Lowell walked with the bases loaded, scoring a run and giving the Sox the lead in the 8th. Clay Buchholz (right) was simply dominant, allowing 1 run over 8 innings, he is now 2-2/2.19/22 as he might be the best Red Sox pitcher this season! Last night was probably the best start by a Red Sox pitcher this season. The Red Sox didn't really hit except for an RBI single by Jeremy Hermida in the 2nd inning. David Ortiz really needs to get out of this slump, J.D. Drew has been breaking out of his slump, he is now .191/2/10 which is good in the homer and RBI categories but not really in the average. Tonight, Jon Lester (0-2/6.23/21) against Brett Cecil (1-0/5.40/8) as they hop eto pitch like they did last night. The Red Sox are ready to sweep the Jays!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Red Sox Promote Castro, Demote Atchison

Today, the Red Sox made a move where they demoted reliever Scott Atchison down to AAA and promoted reliever Fabio Castro (right). Scott Atchison has been less than fantastic this season as he is 0-1/6.10/9 in 10.1 innings, while Fabio Castro was 0-0/6.00/14 in his last major league appearance in 2007 for the Phillies. He was then signed by the Blue Jays who he played in AAA for last year so now the Red Sox have Fabio Castro and Marco Scutaro, two players who were on the Blue Jays last year that are playing in the series against the Blue Jays! Daisuke Matsuzaka is scheduled to throw a side session today as he is taking Tim Wakefield's spot in the rotation. Tonight, Clay Buchholz pitches against Shaun Marcum. Tonight, the Sox bat: Scutaro SS, Pedroia 2B, Martinez C, Youkilis 1B, Drew RF, Ortiz DH, Beltre 3B, Hermida LF, McDonald CF as they look to hit like they did yesterday!

Red Sox Win Slugfest (9-11)

Yesterday the Red Sox had some amazing hitting, but the pitching was- to say the least- shaky in a 13-12 win over the Blue Jays. Jason Varitek (right) drove 4 runs in, he is now a very good .357/4/8 to start the season, much better than Victor Martinez' .261/1/5. Josh Beckett allowed 8 earned runs in 3 innings as he has been having a tough year so far. Marco Scutaro scored a career-high 4 runs in a 3-5 game with 1 RBI last night. Dustin Pedroia also had a clutch 2-run double in a 3-6 game for him, he is now .298/5/15 in a spectacular start the season. Adrian Beltre also had a 2-run double that was very nearly a 3-run homer, he is now .309/0/9 as if he gets some home runs he will be good. Tonight's pitching matchup will be Clay Buchholz 1-2/2.70/18 against Shaun Marcum (0-1/4.00/23) as we hope for some more pitching!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Red Sox Sign Cuban Catcher

Today the Red Sox made a bold move by signing Cuban defector, catcher Adalberto Ibarra (right). The deal is worth $4.3 million over 5 years and it is a major league contract so we might just see him before long! He is 5'9" and 200 pounds and has been working in the Dominican Republic since he defected last year. As soon as the deal is finalized, he will be added to the Red Sox' 40-man roster but I don't know who will be taken off. He will go to the complex in Ft. Myers immediately before Terry Francona decides what to do with him. We will see Ibarra before 2011, but the Red Sox have no catchers signed for 2011 so he might make an appearance as a backup or possibly starting catcher which would be interesting. I think this was a good move because the Sox need catching.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Weekly News

The Red Sox had a respectable week, going 4-3 to make them 8-11 on the season and in 4th place. They lost the final game of a 4-game series to the Rays, won a series 2-1 over the Rangers and 2-1 over the Orioles as well. J.D. Drew (right) is our Player of the Week for the first time ever in Sox.Rox, he had 1 homer and 7 RBIs and he is now .180/2/9 in a tough start. The Red Sox lost the game earlier today, 6-7 in 10 innings. Tim Wakefield allowed only 2 runs in 6.2 innings in his last start to earn a no-decision. That is his final start for a while as he will go to long relief with Daisuke Matsuzaka healthy and ready to join the rotation. The Red Sox will have a 3-game series vs the Blue Jays in Toronto and then have an off day on Thursday before having another 3-gamer vs the Orioles. 8-11 is a whole lot better than 4-8, which they were last week!

Forget Nomah-- We've Got Mahco (8-10)

Last night, the Sox came back to win a thriller vs the Orioles in a 7-6 win for the Sox. John Lackey had a very good start, allowing 3 runs and striking out 3 in 7 innings. Lackey is now 2-1/5.09/11 but he has only had one bad start, he shouldn't be that bad. Brian Matusz strifled the Red Sox throw 6+ innings, but once he left, the score 1-3, Marco Scutaro (right) lifted the Red Sox with a go ahead 3-run homer, he is now .273/2/6 and in my humble opinion he is the best shortstop since Nomar Garciaparra, at least he is the most consistent. Kevin Youkilis also smashed a 3-run homer in the 7th, he is now .250/3/10 as he has had a sort of bad start to the season. The Red Sox play at 1:35 today and the Weekly News will come. Tim Wakefield (0-1/6.38/11) and David Hernandez (0-3/4.67/13) will pitch today. If the Sox win, they will sweep the series and be 9-10!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Red Sox Get Ahold of Van Every Again

Today the Red Sox made a move to bolster their veteran-deprived outfield by acquiring Jonathan Van Every (right) from the Pittsburgh Pirates. Van Every played for the Red Sox in '08 and '09 but was released and acquired by the Pirates over the winter. With the injuries to Mike Cameron and Jacoby Ellsbury, the outfield is pretty thin with only J.D. Drew, Darnell McDonald, Jeremy Hermida, Josh Reddick and now Van Every. With the acquisition, Josh Reddick has been optioned to Pawtucket and Santo Luis has been released to make room on the 40-man roster. In 2010 for the Indianapolis Indians (Pirates' AAA affiliate) Van Every has been .314/2/4. In '09 he had a nice season as a bench player, going .364/1/3 in 7 games and in '08 he was .235/0/5 in 11 games. He will probably see some playing time in the 2 weeks we have without Ellsbury and Cameron.

Lester and Big Papi Break Out of Slumps (7-10)

Last night, the Orioles back from for a 0-3 deficit to make it a close game and the Sox ended up winning 4-3 on a bases-loaded walk by Adrian Beltre. David Ortiz (right) hit his first home run of the year and his first homer in April for 3 years! He is now .159/1/3 on the year but I'm sure he will get better. Lester has also had a tough career in April, but last night he threw 5.2 shoutout innings, also it was only a no-decision. He is now a rough 0-2/6.23/21 as he also struck out 7 more last night. It was also very strange to see Adrian Beltre get 2 walks in one game, including the game-winner! That guy is a swinger but he took some pitches and I actually have a vote on on my poll saying he will lead the Sox in homers this year! You never know! Tonight, the Sox send John Lackey (1-1/5.63/8) out against Brian Matusz (2-0/4.34/23). The Sox are finally winning, they have won 3 of their last 4 games!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Tough 7th Costs Red Sox Game (6-10)

Last night the Red Sox lost a tough game 0-3 to the Rangers. Clay Buchholz (right) did extremely well until the 7th inning, when he allowed 3 runs. In the game he went 6.2 innings, allowing 3 runs, on the season he is 1-2/2.70/18 as the strikeout number rocketed with a career-high 10 strkeouts in this game. The problem was that C.J. Wilson gave nothing to the Sox; Victor Martinez was their best hitter, he went 2-3 last night. Bill Hall went 1-3 as he is sort of turning his tough start around. The Red Sox should be able to turn their start around facing the Orioles who have started very very badly, they stand at 2-14, worst in MLB by no small margin so the Sox should easily beat them. Tonight, Jon Lester (0-2/8.44/14) faces Jeremy Guthrie (0-2/3.15/14) so I hope Lester can turn around against a bad team as the first 3 teams he has faced (Yankees, Twins, Rays) are all quite good.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Red Sox Walk Off Again (6-9)

Yesterday, the Sox walked off again, this time on a double by Kevin Youkilis in the 12th inning. This game was definitely an offensive one as the Red Sox pulled through to an 8-7 win over Texas. J.D. Drew (right) went 1-5, but that 1 hit was so big. He hit a grand slam that wrapped around the Pesky Pole in the 3rd inning against Matt Harrison. Josh Beckett had a rough start, he allowed 7 runs in 7 innings, he is now 1-0/5.26/17 in his first 4 starts. Mike Lowell hit his first home run of the year making an even better run to be full-time DH as he is .375/1/2 over David Ortiz's .146/0/2. The defense was much better last night as neither team made any errors, plus the Sox only allowed 3 stolen bases, rather than 9 on Tuesday night. The Red Sox are on a roll and I hope Clay Buchholz can keep it up tonight and the Sox can sweep.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Red Sox End Skid in Style (5-9)

Last year, the Sox were 2-7 vs the Rangers, making me even more worried about their dismal losing skid. But that skid is the past! They won, largely thanks to Darnell McDonald (right). Pinch-hitting in the 8th inning, he went deep for his first home run in Red Sox uniform (it was his first game in a Red Sox uniform but oh well) that tied the game at 6-6. But in the 9th, he delivered a walk-off single that won the game! The man McDonald hit for wasn't too bad either, Josh Reddick went 1-3 with a 2-run double that should've been just an RBI double but we'll take the extra run. Tim Wakefield had a tough start, he allowed 6 runs in 6 innings and he is now 0-1/6.38/11 in 3 starts. The Red Sox came back from a 2-6 deficit and they won! I can hardly beleive it, although they still need to come back and get a better record, 5-9 is not too great. Tonight, Josh Beckett 1-0/3.86/13 pitches against Matt Harrison 0-1/1.38/7 so I hope they can keep winning!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Young Outfielders Get a Chance

I had a choice in the title: I could say Ellsbury and Cameron go down, but I chose the optimistic side of the current title. It's getting hard to be optimistic as a Red Sox fan lately, they are 4-9, losing 2-6 to the Rangers at the moment, but oh well, keep the faith! Jacoby Ellsbury (right) is still hurt from that nasty collision Sunday before last, he went on the 15-day Disabled List earlier today. Before he went down, Ellsbury was .333/0/1 with 2 steals to begin the season. Mike Cameron, who has an abdominal strain was .233/0/0 in centerfield. The good news (finally) is that two young outfielders: Josh Reddick and Darnell McDonald got the call up. Josh Reddick is batting 9th tonight, and McDonald will play on the bench. Last year, Reddick was .169/2/4 in 27 games and McDonald was .267/2/10 in 47 games for the Reds. I know we hate it but we have to stick with our team.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Red Sox Swept- Gah! (4-9)

Today, the Sox lost 2-8 to the Rays and thus got swept, John lackey (right) had his first bad start, and it was bad! He allowed 8 runs over 3.1 innings, he is now 1-1/5.63/8 as he started out so well but failed. Jeremy Hermida hit a 2-run homer, his first at Fenway and second of the year. He is now a respectable .219/2/8 filling in for Jacoby Ellsbury (who should play sometime this week). Bill Hall got his first hit of the season, playing in center field, he is now .091/0/0 to start the season. The Red Sox really need to come back and have a fantastic series vs the Rangers, starting tomorrow night. Tim Wakefield, 0-1/5.11/8 will start tomorrow and I hope he can perform like he did in his first start. I am really not in the mood to write, so 'till next time!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Weekly News

Other than Player of the Week, Dustin Pedroia's (right) continuing surge at the plate, there were few bright spots in a 1-5 week for the Red Sox, in which he had 2 homers and 6 RBIs, and is now .367/5/13. They are now a dismal 4-8 on the season, and they really have to win tomorrow and regularly next week. Another bright spot was John Lackey's great start, he is now 1-0/1.42/5 in a great start, Josh Beckett also had a great start, he is now 1-0/3.86/13. Today, they lost miserably again, this time 1-7 to the Rays. Tomorrow at 11:05, they play a Patriots Day special, with John Lackey starting, who is definitely dominating in a Red Sox uniform. The Sox' bats need to put it together as well, they are 0-25 with Runners In Scoring Position, which is unbearable for us fans! Next week, they've gotta do something right or I'm gonna sit down and cry (not really, but you know what I mean).

Homers Don't Make up for Pitching (4-7)

The Red Sox hit 3 home runs yesterday, but still fell in a 5-6 loss to the Rays. Kevin Youkilis (right) and Dustin Pedroia each hit 2-run dingers while Marco Scutaro hit a solo shot, all over the green monster. There is a little good news and a little bad news in the next sentence: the Rays scored 4 in the 1st innings, the bad: 4 runs in an inning! The good: the Sox outscored the rays 5-2 after the first. Clay Buchholz allowed 4 runs, all unearned, so he is now a very "good looking" 1-1/1.80/8 although he really has had a pretty rock start! The Sox play at 1:35 ET vs the Rays again- they have to win, they really do! if they don't, they will lose a 4-game series. I will not take 4-7, this is an awful start, I will take 5-7 and 6-7 though so you'd better win, Sox!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Red Sox Lose Game in Two Installments (4-6)

Today the Sox lost their second straight game, a 1-3 loss to the Rays. The game got suspended in the bottom of the 9th yesterday so they continued today and lost in 12 innings. Jason Varitek (right) hit a double and a home run, his 3rd of the year, he is now .417/3/3 in a strong opening for him. Josh Beckett, despite the loss, did a very good job, allowing 1 run in 7 innings, he is now 1-0/3.86/13 as he has been good after that rough Opening Day start. Mike Cameron seems to have recovered from his kidney stone that kept him out for a few days as he finished the game in center field (going 0-1). The Sox lost on a 3-run homer by Pat Burrell off Manny Delcarmen. The Red Sox play again later tonight with Clay Buchholz and James Shields pitching.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Red Sox Knocked Out by Twins (4-5)

Today, the Sox had a terrible loss to the Twins by a score of 0-8! Tim Wakefield (right) had a tough game, allowing 6 runs in 5.1 innings, he is now 0-1/5.11/8. Dustin Pedroia had another fantastic game, going 3-4, he is now .405/4/10 which is by far the best on the team. Tomorrow, Josh Beckett will pitch against the Rays, he is 1-0/6.17/5 this year, he is a good pitcher. Ramon Ramirez threw 1.2 scoreless innings, but the Red Sox did not play a game to be proud of, when you don't score any runs it rarely is. Despite the loss, I will take a 4-5 record.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lackey Wins Stellar Start (4-4)

Today, the Sox beat the Twins in a 6-3 victory. Dustin Pedroia unloaded on his 4th home run of the year, which is amazing since it took him nearly 200 at bats to get 2 homers last year. He is doing great, he has a line of .364/4/10 as he is definitely the team MVP. John Lackey (right) allowed 2 runs over 6.2 innings in a great start, he is now 1-0/1.42/5 this year in a great way to open up the season. Jeremy Hermida got the major clutch hit with the Sox resting Jacoby Ellsbury again. He had a 3-run double in the 8th that basically sealed the win. Marco Scutaro continued his good hitting in the leadoff spot, going 2-5 with an RBI, he is now .444/0/1 in the leadoff spot and .320/0/2 overall. I'm enjoying a 4-4 record, it isn't great but last year, 8 games into the season, they were 2-6, so I'll take 4-4 any day!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Lester Struggles in Loss (3-4)

Today the Red Sox lost 2-5 to the Twins in a tough loss in the first ever game at Target Field. David Ortiz had 1 RBI but still is mired in a .136 slump to start the season. Jon Lester (right)allowed 4 runs in 5 innings for the second straight game as he is now 0-1/7.20/9 in 2 starts. Dustin Pedroia got his 8th RBI on a sacrifice fly, he is now a remarkable .357/3/8 to begin this season, he went 1-3 today. Marco Scutaro went 2-4 in a leadoff appearance for him, with Jacoby Ellsbury out of the lineup after his collision with Adrian Beltre yesterday. Ellsbury's replacement, Jeremy Hermida (playing in his 3rd straight game) had a 1-2 day today, as he has been a more than adequate replacement for the various outfielders the Red Sox have been resting. I hope the Sox can win on Wednesday, Lackey pitches!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekly News

After an 8-6 win for the Sox today, I get to write my first weekly news of 2010! The Sox finished up this week at a 3-3 record, putting them in a tie with the Rays for 3rd place in the AL East. Dustin Pedroia (right) won 2 Player of the Week awards last year and this is his first of 2010 as he bombed the opposition with a line of .360/3/7 better than the others on the team. New accquisitions Adrian Beltre (.400/0/6), Mike Cameron (.294/0/0), and Marco Scutaro (.250/0/1) were consistent both offensively and defensively. The Sox pitched well mainly in two games, Lackey did great (0-0/0.00/3) and Beckett did well in one start, badly in another, a combined 1-0/6.17/5. Kevin Youkilis (.333/1/4) and Jacoby Ellsbury (.333/0/1) were very consistent as well. The Red Sox lost 1-2 to the Yankees and 2-1 to the Royals in their series. Next they face the Twins tomorrow at 4:10 ET on ESPN for the first ever game at Target Field.

Red Sox Ride Homers to Victory (2-3)

Last night the Red Sox completely dominated the Royals in an 8-3 win. It was anexpected pitching game as aces Josh Beckett and Zack Greinke squared off but Greinke allowed 4 runs in 6.2 innings, he is now 0-1/3.55/9 this year. Beckett did very well before a tough inning in the 7th as he allowed 3 runs in 7 innings. Beckett is now 1-0/6.17/5 this year. The Red Sox hit 5 home runs in this game, ironically, every one except one of those homers were solo. The exception, a 2-run shot by Pedroia. The bench really came alive in this game as Jeremy Hermida hit a homer and Jason Varitek (right) hit 2 homers in a great night for him. Kevin Youkilis hit a solo homer, his 4th RBI of the season, in a very good night for him. I hope Clay Buchholz and the Red Sox can beat Gil Meche and the Royals today a 2:00 ET.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bullpen Ruins Magnificent Start for Wakefield (1-3)

Last night when I stopped watching the game and went to sleep; the score was 3-0 Red Sox in the 6th inning, final score 3-4 Royals. You just can't take anything for granted, Tim Wakefield (right) tore the Royals apart with 2 runs in 7 innings for a 2.57 ERA, but the bullpen gave it up, which has been common n this current 3-game losing streak. But don't worry, last year the Sox started 2-6 but then they had an 11-game win streak, remember that!? The Sox (apart from the bullpen) played a good game. J.D. Drew who had been having a bit of trouble slammed a monster 2-run homer, in a 1-3 night for him. David Ortiz was ejected from the ballgame after striking out and Jeremy Hermida provided a fiting replacement, going 1-1 in his first appearance. Daniel Bard ended up with the loss with 1 run in 2 innings and a blown save. Even if the Sox may lose tonight, it will be a great pitching matchup for sure as Josh Beckett goes against reigning Cy Young Award winner, Zack Greinke!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Lackey Lacks Nothing Except Bullpen (1-2)

Yesterday the Red Sox lost in extra innings to the Yankees, a heartbreaking 1-3 loss. John Lackey (right) pitched a great game, going 6 shutout innings, giving 3 hits and striking out 3. David Ortiz drove in the only run of the game for them in a 1-4 night for him. He drove in Dustin Pedroia, who scored the one and only run for the Sox. Jonathan Papelbon really spoiled the game for the Sox, allowing a home run to Curtis Granderson in the 10th inning. The Red Sox just couldn't score tonight, which was a bit troubling. On Friday, the Sox play the Royals. The pitching matchup in those games will be Tim Wakefield (for the Red Sox) and Kyle Davies for the Royals. Once they are well-rested, despite being away from home, I think they will come through vs the Royals.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Red Sox Lose Heartbreaker (1-1)

Last night, the Red Sox lost a very tough game to the Yankees. The Yankees scored because Marco Scutaro made a very costly error in the 8th inning. Jon Lester was doing great until the 5th inning. He allowed 1 run through 4 innings, but then allowed 3 in the 5th. He had the no-decision and now has a 7.20 ERA which I can handle in the first few games, but only the first few games. This is a guy who went 15-8/3.41/225 last year and is the ace of the staff. The Red Sox had some pretty impressive hitting mainly by one player- Victor Martinez. He went 2-3 with a homer (right) and 3 RBI and was definitely the Red Sox' MVP of that game. Jacoby Ellsbury stole his first base and hit his first double in a 2-5 game for him. All in all, it wasn't a bad game. At least the Sox aren't any worse than the Yankees, both are 1-1.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Josh Beckett- Red Sox Ace for Years to Come

This is Josh Beckett's 5th season with Boston, many Red Sox fans were worried that it might be his last, as free agency approached for him. Kill these fears, Red Sox fans, we've got Beckett for 4 more years! Today they signed him to a 4 year, $68 million deal that will pay him $17 million a year from 2011-14. Last night, Beckett had a tough start and he starts the season on a rough note of 0-0/9.64/2 in 4.2 innings vs the Yankees last night. However, Beckett has had rough Aprils in the past, and the Red Sox ace finished up last year at a very respectable 17-6/3.86/199 in his 2nd best season in a Red Sox uniform- his best was 2007 when he was 20-7/3.27/194. Tomorrow, Jon Lester and A.J. Burnett square off at 7:10 ET. I am looking forward to seeing Lester (who is probably the best starter on the Sox) play as he has started off his past few seasons doing... not too well. 1-0 is a good start!!!

Red Sox Win Roller-Coaster Game (1-0)

Yes! The Red Sox beat the Yankees last night on Opening Day by a high score of 9-7! They came back from a 1-5 deficit and beat the Yankees with some late inning heroics. Dustin Pedroia (right) smacked a- no other way to put this- monster over the Green Monster in a 2-run homer that tied the game at 7 in the 7th inning. Kevin Youkilis also made some fantastic, gritty plays, including a 2-run triple in the 6th inning that tied the score at 5 and also sprinting home on a passed ball in the 7th to give the Sox an 8-7 lead, their first of the night. Marco Scutaro (2-3, 1 RBI), Mike Cameron (2-3), and Adrian Beltre (1-3, 2 RBI) each played well last night. Josh Beckett, on the other hand, was not good. He allowed 5 runs through 4.2 innings, striking out out 2 and allowing 8 hits to give him a 9.64 ERA. On the lighter side, when it looked ike he should've lost the game, he didn't! This is thanks to Joe Girardi's confidence in C..C. Sabathia who started faltering late and after doing very well through 4, he ended up with 5 runs in 5.1 innings, an 8.44 ERA. I can't believe it! The Sox came back and they are 1-0.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

This Season Can't Come Fast Enough (0-0)

I've been waiting so long to make this blog post and here I am to say the words I have wanted to say for so long- Opening Day is here!!!!! Josh Beckett (right) will take the hill against C.C. Sabathia and the Yankees at 8:05 tonight! Kevin Youkilis (left), Dustin Pedroia, Jacoby Ellsbury, and many other Red Sox players will be taking the field! When Derek Jeter steps into the batter's box for the Yankees it will be one of the happiest moments of my recent times. Also, notice that the title says "0-0" not "17-14" because no more spring training, this is the baseball season. Look on the Red Sox website and you see the probable pitchers for the next game. I don't know why but these little details about the season really get to me! I cannot wait, just a little over 3 hours now, I'm so excited!!!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Goodbye Spring Training! Hello Yankees! (17-14)

The Red Sox finish up their spring training with a record of 17-14. I actually went to the game today and got to see them trample the Nationals, 6-1. J.D. Drew (right) hit a homer to finish his spring at a pretty bad .178/1/4 although despite the bad spring, he will still start tomorrow night against the Yanks on Opening Day. Kevin Youkilis also hit a homer to make himself finish up at .385/1/6 in a good spring. Bill Hall got a great hit, a triple along the right field line that ended up driving in 2 runs. He is now .222/1/9, he also made a great catch at third base. Tim Wakefield started the game and got the win with 4 shutout innings, then Dice-K threw 4 more innings in relief, giving up 1 run in that span. Joe Nelson closed out the game with some good pitching through the ninth. I can't wait for Opening Night tomorrow! Red Sox vs. Yankees- C'mon Beckett!!!!

Battery Leads Sox to Win (16-14)

Yesterday I would have made a post, except for the fact that I was traveling up to Washington for the game today. Yesterday the Sox beat the Nationals by a score of 7-2. Clay Buchholz had- pretty much- his only good start of the spring, going 6 strong allowing 1 run. He is now 2-1/6.75/13 in 17.1 innings this year. Jason Varitek (right) stroked a three-run double in their 6-run 6th inning, he is now .259/0/3. I feel a little sorry for Joe Nelson, it has been announced that the other two new accquistions: Scott Atchison and southpaw Scott Schoenweis have officially made the Opening Night Roster. 1 Day, 13 hours until Opening Night!!!!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Red Sox Edge Twins Out (15-14)

Today the Sox rode Lackey to a 5-3 victory which puts them over the .500 mark for the first time in a while. Nate Spears (right) got the final mark with an RBI triple in the 8th inning. Marco Scutaro had 2 hits and 2 RBIs as he is warming up this spring. John Lackey went 5 innings, allowing 1 run. He is having a remarkable spring and he is now 1-1/1.35/8 in 20 innings this spring, which is sparkling. The Red Sox bullpen is being finalized. New accquisition, Scott Atchison has been informed that he made the team after a good spring of 1-0/1.50/6 in 12 innings. Now, the final bullpen spot is down to Scott Schoenweis and Joe Nelson, both new players to the Sox. I'm going to the Sox game on Saturday!