Saturday, January 30, 2010

Red Sox Sign Minor League Catcher

Yesterday, the news came out that the Red Sox had signed minor league catcher, Gustavo Molina (right). He is not related to the three Molina catchers, who are brothers, which is too bad. I don't know about his fielding, but from the stats I've seen, he's a pretty awful hitter as in his two short MLB seasons in 2007 and 2008 he hit .111 and .143. The catcher has experience at third and first base as well. He is a career .235 hitter in the minor leagues, and a career .118 hitter in the major leagues. They have given him a spring training invite, but I sincerely doubt that he will play unless Jason Varitek and/or Victor Martinez get themselves landed on the DL. Go Sox, all the way!!!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hermida with Sox to Stay

Today the Red Sox and Jeremy Hermida agreed on a one-year deal worth $3.345 million and thus continued the Red Sox's streak of no arbitrations. Last year, Hermida played in 129 games for the Marlins and hit .259 with 13 home runs and 47 RBIs before he was the Red Sox's first acquisition of the offseason in November. Jeremy Hermida is set to be the Red Sox's fourth outfielder in 2010, as they are already set with Ellsbury in left, Cameron in center, and Drew in right field. The Red Sox have really liked Hermida both before and after they acquired him. Before- after his monstrous 2007 (.296/18/63) they thought he was a possible trade partner to send Manny Ramirez to (they eventually got Jason Bay out of that deal). After- he has proved very willing to play on the bench and seems to be very happy to play for a perennial playoff contender. Go Sox, all the way!!!!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Bay Discusses Red Sox Contract

Jason Bay is not coming back for 2010, we know that, but he might have. He did not do this because of that fateful physical that he took that showed bad signs in his shoulders and knees. The Red Sox were telling Bay to have surgery when he "wasn't hurt" according to Bay. Jason Bay said, "I was shocked, to say the least, that I was being told to have knee surgery to get the contract, particularly because I wasn't hurt. By June, however, they did have a contract set up for Bay at $60 million over 4 years, an average of $15 million a year. After that, they set up a contract that was set up a new offer, still for 4 years, but with 2 more if he could stay health, still for $15 million a year. Then at the Winter Meetings in Indianapolis, they set up a new contract for Bay, this one with three years guaranteed, with an option for a fourth year, depending on his health. Eventually, Bay signed with the Mets for $66 million but that's OK. Go Sox, all the way!!!!!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Are the Red Sox Better Off Without Bay?

The New York Mets signed Jason Bay to a four year deal worth $66 million on December 28, 2009. One important question remains for the Red Sox, however, are the Red Sox better off without him? Yes, Jason Bay is a very good hitter but Mike Cameron is a far superior fielder and not too shabby of a hitter either. Apparently, the reason the Sox have Mike Cameron instead of Bay is that the had a "medical dispute." Here is- more or less- what happened: Bay and Boston agreed on a four year, $60 million contract, Bay rejected it, then he accepted it again, then... they had a (gasp) physical! It was meant to be a formality, but the Sox noticed bad signs in Bay's knees and shoulders. It isn't good to not have a guy who hit .267 with 36 home runs and 119 RBIs last year, but if he gets injured and Cameron has a career year, the Sox will be better off. Go Sox, all the way!!!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Arbitration Avoided By Bullpen

It looks like the Red Sox have avoided arbitration with Jonathan Papelbon, Manny Delcarmen, and Ramon Ramirez. Epstein has a spotless record, and has never had arbitration, but it looks like he will have to work something out with 4th outfielder, Jeremy Hermida. The main player today that they wrapped up was Jonathan Papelbon (right) who is one of the best young closers in baseball. Papelbon will be 29 in 2010, but he is already the Red Sox all-time saves leader with 151, all this over 5 seasons. Papelbon was 1-1 with a 1.85 ERA and 38 saves in 41 opportunities last year and was key in the Red Sox' 2007 World Championship season. Ramon Ramirez and Manny Delcarmen weren't too shabby either, as two of the best bullpen pieces. Ramirez was 7-4 with a 2.84 ERA and 52 strikeouts in 69.2 innings. Delcarmen was 5-2 with a 4.53 ERA, although he faded at the end of the season. The Sox will be much better with these important bullpen acquisitions. Go Sox, all the way!!!!!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Red Sox Feeling a Bit Arbitrary

This is a little bit rough, four of the Sox' players are filing for arbitration, which will be a bit difficult over the next weeks. One of those players was Jonathan Papelbon (right), the Red Sox' closer who went 1-1 with a 1.85 ERA and 38 saves last year and is considered one of the best closers in baseball. The three other Sox that are filing for arbitration include Manny Delcarmen, Ramon Ramirez, and Jeremy Hermida. If the Red Sox cannot retain these players, their bullpen will be looking pretty shabby next year. Jeremy Hermida is the player that the Red Sox acquired on November 4, for the first move of the offseason: less than 24 hours after the Yankees won the World Series (but we most not dwell on this). Hermida adressed Red Sox Nation and asid that he was happy to be a Red Sox and ready to embrace his new role. I think that, if Papelbon is retained, the Sox will have a great year next year. I'm predicting... 96-66. Go Sox, all the way!!!!!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Okey Dokey Oki

Yesterday the Red Sox resigned- probably the most famous set-up man in MLB- Hideki Okajima! Okajima had his worst ERA so far with the Red Sox last year as it was at 3.39 as opposed to 2.61 and 2.22 in '08 and '07. However, he set a career high in wins, going 6-0, as opposed to 3-2 in both '08 and '07. He was resigned for 1 year for $2.75 million with performance bonuses, if he pitches in 55 games, he gets $50,000, and $50,000 more when he reaches every five games from then on. He set a career high in performances last year with a remarkable 68, 19th in the AL. His 23 holds were 6th in the AL, a hold is when a reliever enters a ballgame and leaves with the same score he entered in. I think the Sox will benefit greatly from this move. Go Sox, all the way!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Red Sox Ink Shouse Deal

Apparently, this deal was made on January 4 of this year, but it never got reported. The Red Sox have signed lefty specialist, Brian Shouse to a minor league contract. In 1998, Shouse actually pitched 7 games for the Red Sox, going 0-1 wih a 5.63 ERA. In 2009, however, Shouse was 1-1, with a 4.50 ERA, but that was his worst ERA since 2005, so we can expect better. Hitters hit .277 off Shouse, but lefties hit a mere .224, while righties had a bonanza off him with a remarkable .356 off him, meaning he definitely is a lefty specialist, and not a righty specialist. He is still a good pitcher, but he is 41, which is the reason they signed him to a minor league deal. he'll be a good pitcher next year, I hope. Go Sox, all the way!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What To Do With Mike Lowell?

Man, Mike Lowell is confused to death by now. First, the Sox try to trade him to Texas for a prospect and pay $9 million of his contract, then, they sign Adrian Beltre. Mike Lowell is wondering what in the world to do, Theo Epstein said something, however, that is kind of a mystery to me. Epstein said, "We're on the same page as Mike Lowell," but I don't know what he's talking about. Beltre is going to play third base for the Red Sox next year, but that leaves Mike Lowell (who the Sox owe $12 million in 2010, mind you!) out of the main picture. He could battle with David Ortiz (who they owe a pretty penny as well) for the DH spot in the lineup. Lowell had a line of .290, 17, 75 last year while David Ortiz had a line of .238, 28, 99. If you want my prediction, they will try as hard as they can to trade Lowell, and if that doesn't work out, he'll split at DH with Big Papi. Go Sox, all the way!!!!!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dice-K Back-- With a Vengeance

Now, we sort of understand why Daisuke Matsuzaka only made 12 starts in 2009, and why he was 4-6 with a 5.46 ERA. Dice-K, one of the mot popular pitchers in 2008, came into '09 with high expectations and- to be nice... blew it. As it turns out, Daisuke had injured his right inner thigh while pitching for Japan in the World Baseball Classic. Daisuke tried to hide the injury, hoping it would heal in his off days, but it got worse and he had to spend two long stints on the DL. Lucky for us, Daisuke is a Japanese person who does not like to be embarrassed and this is what he said to Red Sox Nation, "I am very sorry to make you worry. I assure you that the 2010 season will be a great season. I am ready to redeem what I lost in 2009. With my health back, I am confident and determined to produce this year. I will try my best to become a World Champion once again." What I say to Dice-K, "I salute you!" Go Sox, all the way!!!!!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Red Sox and Mariners Switch Infielders

Today, Adrian Beltre signed with the Red Sox for a contract of $9 million over 1 year (2010). Beltre will probably switch out with Lowell at third base although they are both right handed bats so there will be no specific strategy to the switching out. Beltre will be, probably, the most free-swinging of the conservative Red Sox as he has swung at 30.1% of pitches outside the strike zone, according to O-Swing. The Red Sox also acquired Bill Hall, formerly, of the Mariners in the finalized deal that sent Casey Kotchman to Seattle. If Hall and Beltre produce, they could both be useful bench players as they each have good power, but generally low batting averages as they are "all-or-nothing" hitters. They also will both play good defense as Beltre is dazzling at third base and Hall is very versatile. I look forward to seeing both of these players in 2010. Go Sox, all the way!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Is the Hall Way the Right Way?

Today the Red Sox are close to finalizing the anticipated deal to send Casey Kotchman to the Mariners for Bill Hall and a prospect. The Mariners are going to pay $7.65 million of his $8.4 million deal so he will cost the Sox about $750,000 so he will cost about $2.75 million by giving away Kotchman who they wouldn't really have used much anyway. Hall had a yearlong slump in 2009, when he batted .201 with 8 jacks and 36 RBIs split between the Brewers and Mariners. Hall's best year came in 2006, when he batted .270 with 35 homers and 85 RBIs but he hasn't lived up to that before or after 2006. Another thing about him is that he can play third base, shortstop, and the outfield as he is quite versatile. If Hall hits above .250 with 10+ homers and 50+ RBIs, he will be a total steal. Go Sox, all the way!!!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Beltre and Red Sox Reach Deal

Last night the Red Sox reached a tentative deal with third baseman, Adrian Beltre. They did this because they are setting their eyes on defense next year, which they have improved with Mike Cameron. This has not happened yet, because it is pending a physical, but it probably will and it will be worth $9 million over one year, with a player option for 2011 worth $5 million. If the Red Sox were able to reach this deal, as Beltre had left shoulder problems that limited him to 111 games in 2009, then I really don't know what they would do with Mike Lowell, as he is scheduled to start at third base. Beltre has always been good on defense, but his offense has struggled in recent years. He had a great yar in 2004, batting .334 with 48 homers and 121 RBIs but the closest he has come to that has been in 2007, when he batted .276 with 26 homers and 99 RBIs. They hope he wll have good production along with his defense in 2010. Go Sox, all the way!!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Red Sox Offer to Alternative Third Baseman

Mike Lowell has been the big news lately about how the Red Sox are trying to trade him and they are, to make room for Adrian Beltre. Beltre is a free agent third baseman who is one of the best defenders in baseball at the hot corner. Beltre is normally a fairly powerful, 25 home run guy, who will hit around .270 but this year had a very bad offensive year. He hit .265 with 8 home runs and 44 RBIs in 111 games. The Red Sox recently offered him a contract for two years that is "heavily backloaded" meaning that he will earn more in the second year than the first, I will work on finding out how much the contract is worth. The Red Sox are receiving competition from the Orioles, Angels, and Athletics. The A's, however, are "out on this deal" according to a source. I'd like to see Beltre on the Sox, but what will they do with Lowell? Go Sox, all the way!!!!!