Friday, December 31, 2010

Red Sox Re-Sign Okajima

Today, the Red Sox re-signed a beloved member of the Red Sox' bullpen over the past few years in Hideki Okajima. The Red Sox non-tendered Okajima about a month ago after an off year in 2010, when he went 4-4/4.50/33. He will probably wind up being the Red Sox' lefty out of the bullpen in 2011, since he held lefties to a .284 average in 2010, but has a career mark of .214 against lefties, which probably means that the Sox are out on Brian Fuentes. The deal is pending a physical, and is set for only one year, which means the Red Sox aren't tied to him for long. I think the Red Sox did the right thing in keeping Okajima and that this move could definitely pay off for them he does the same as he did in either 2007, 2008, or 2009.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Red Sox Back In On Fuentes

After the Red Sox signed Dan Wheeler, people assumed that they were not in on Brian Fuentes anymore. However, they are now back in on him, and they are one of many teams trying to sign the 35 year old reliever. He went 4-1/2.81/47 in 2010, following a season in 2009 when he had 55 saves for the Angels. There have been 11 teams reported to be interested in Fuentes, after a couple of days ago, the Red Sox seemed to be the only one. Fuentes is asking for a 3 year, $15 million contract, but the Red Sox seem more likely to give him a one or two year deal. Fuentes would be a great acquisition to the bullpen and I hope they can sign him.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hill Seems To Be Favorite For Open Bullpen Job

The bullpen appears to be pretty much decided for the Red Sox in 2011, with Jonathan Papelbon, Daniel Bard, Bobby Jenks, Dan Wheeler, Felix Doubront, Tim Wakefield, and one open spot. That open spot could be given to Rich Hill (right), Andrew Miller, Lenny DiNardo, or Matt Albers. Rich Hill appears to be the favorite for this job, though, after he did pretty well in a limited time period for the Sox last year, going 1-0 and allowing no runs in 4 innings. If Hill makes the team, he will earn $580,000 in 2011, so he would be very affordable, and has the potential to be a great pitcher, judging by his 2007 season of 11-8/3.92/183. I think Hill is the best option among those four and I'm glad the Red Sox are considering him.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Red Sox Looking For Lefty In Bullpen

The Red Sox have gone to great lengths to improve their bullpen, and team in general, this offseason. One question remains for their bullpen, however, do they need a left-handed relief pitcher? I think it would definitely be good if they had at least one lefty of the 'pen, and there are many options to fix that hole. The most likely appears to be from within their organization, rookie Felix Doubront (right), who went 2-2/4.32/23 last year in 12 games. Other options from outside the organization include Brian Fuentes, Ron Mahay, Dennys Reyes, and Joe Beimel. Fuentes (4-1/2.81/47) has been linked to the Red Sox, as I think it is possible they will offer him a one year deal. I would like to see the Sox go out and get one of these players, however, I think they are most likely to stick with Doubront.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Red Sox On Santa's Nice List In 2010

I guess the Red Sox were on Santa Claus's nice list this year, because he left some good presents under the tree. If you agree with me, those big presents in Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford, plus the medium-sized ones in Bobby Jenks and Dan Wheeler, then the little stocking stuffers with Matt Albers, Andrew Miller, and Rich Hill. Plus, what makes it all better is that the Yankees were on the naughty list this year, after they pursued Cliff Lee and got coal in return. We should all thank Santa for the Red Sox presents we all felt, even if Christmas came early for us Red Sox fans.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Pujols Contract Not Going To Effect Gonzalez Deal

Adrian Gonzalez seems to be a good man, he has said that if Albert Pujols signs a deal with the Cardinals before the season, he will not use it as a blueprint. He also says that he will make negotiations with the Red Sox during the 2011 season. He continues to use Ryan Howard's 5 year, $125 million contract and Mark Teixeira's 8 year, $180 million as a blueprint. The Red Sox and Gonzalez were reported several weeks ago to be closest to a deal worth 7 years for $154 million. I think he is worth that, even though Albert Pujols may make a huge contract that would be worth up to $30 million a year. Both sides say that they are confident that this deal will get done before Gonzalez becomes a free agent next offseason. Gonzalez is a great player and I hope they can work out a deal before long.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Red Sox Name Their PawSox Manager For 2011

Today, the Red Sox named Arnie Beyeler as the manager for their AAA affiliate, the Pawtucket Red Sox. He has been working up the ranks of managing the Red Sox farm system, as he spent the last 4 years managing their AA affiliate, the Portland Sea Dogs, and before that at A affiliates, the Lowell Spinners and Augusta Green Jackets. This may not be incredibly important to the Red Sox, but I am trying to keep you all updated, and it could make a difference to some of the Red Sox' prospects. Beyeler has worked with some of the Red Sox' younger players, most notably Ryan Kalish, Josh Reddick, and Felix Doubront. I hope he's a good manager, even though it won't make a huge difference for the Red Sox.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Jenks Passes Physical, Makes Signing Official

Today, Bobby Jenks passed his physical for the Red Sox, making the 2 year, $12 million signing that was first announced Thursday official. Jenks had his worst year in 2010, going 1-3/4.44/61, as he is a bit like Jonathan Papelbon in the fact that his stats have fallen in the past few years, but he is due for a rebound. Jenks saved 27, out of 31 games in 2010, his lowest total since he broke into the big leagues, his highest being in 2006, with 41. Today, the Red Sox also designated outfielder Brent Dlugach for assignment. I am very happy that the Red Sox made this move to fill out their bullpen, and I think the group of Papelbon, Jenks, Daniel Bard, and Dan Wheeler are going to change the Red Sox' bullpen from one of the worst to one of the best.

Bill Hall Signs With The Astros

Yesterday, the Astros signed somebody who, in my opinion, was one of the best Red Sox players last year. He was a great utility man, playing 7 positions, including pitcher, along with doing quite well at the bat, going .247/18/46. However, now he signed with the Astros for one year and $3.25 million. This year, the Red Sox' bench is looking like Jason Varitek, Mike Cameron, Jed Lowrie, and somebody else who could be Darnell McDonald, Ryan Kalish, Lars Anderson, etc.. That last person could have been Bill Hall except that for some reason, the Red Sox never really seemed interested in resigning him. Adrian Beltre also appears to be close to signing onto the Angels as they offered him 6 years for $90 million. I hope Bill Hall does well in 2011, and we'll all remember his extremely versatile year in 2010.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Red Sox Come To Terms With Dan Wheeler

Today, the Red Sox added reliever Dan Wheeler to their bullpen, fresh off the acquisition of Bobby Jenks. With Jenks and Wheeler in their bullpen, it looks to me like the Red Sox' bullpen is pretty much set. Wheeler had a great year with the Rays in 2010, going 2-4/3.35/46, but it was not a fluke, as Wheeler also had great years in 2009 and 2008. The deal is reported to be worth only one year, as the Red Sox said a few days ago, that they would not give him a multi-year option. Theo Epstein has been a real go-getter this offseason, making a bunch of big moves, and filling up their main hole, the bullpen. I think Dan Wheeler will be a great acquisition for the Sox, and I am really proud to be a Red Sox fan about now.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Red Sox To Resign Rich Hill

Today, as the Red Sox' 4th somewhat important move of the day, they resigned pitcher Rich Hill. The Red Sox acquired Hill rather late in the season in 2010, and he only pitched in 6 games for them, but he did alright, going 1-0/0.00/3 in 4 innings. Hill's best season came in 2007, when he went 11-8/3.92/183, as he really came into his own that year. The contract they signed him to is a minor league deal, much like Andrew Miller's. Hill could be a very nice acquisition for the Red Sox if he transfers from his recent years back to his younger self. I think that it was definitely not a bad decision to keep Hill in Boston.

Red Sox To Keep Andrew Miller

Today, after a long day of bullpen acquisitions, the Red Sox made one last move, keeping Andrew Miller. Earlier this season, the Red Sox traded for Miller from the Marlins, but they non-tendered him a few weeks ago. In 2010, Andrew Miller had a bad year, going 1-5/8.54/28, but his best season was in 2009, even though it wasn't too great as he went 3-5/4.84/59. The deal is going to be a minor league deal for one year, and an unknown (for me, at least) amount of money. The Red Sox also completed the Adrian Gonzalez deal by trading Eric Patterson to the Padres. All in all, this was a really big day for the Red Sox as they made three changes to the bullpen and one to the lineup.

Red Sox Agree To Terms With Bobby Jenks

Today, the Red Sox appear to be set to sign reliever Bobby Jenks, who has spent all of his career with the Chicago White Sox. Jenks had an off year in 2010, going 1-3/4.44/61, but he has had better years, most notably being 2007 and 2008, when he went 3-5/2.77/56 and 3-1/2.63/38. The contract is pending a physical, and it is worth 2 years for $12 million. This is definitely the biggest step that Theo Epstein and the Red Sox management crew have taken to upgrade the bullpen all year. Jenks' 2010 season was by far the worst of his career, and if he does anything like he has for the past 5 years before that, he will be a great fit in Boston. I am very happy that the Red Sox made this move, and I think it will really help them.

Red Sox To Bring Back Lenny DiNardo

Last night the Red Sox came close to finalizing a deal that would bring former Red Sox pitcher, from 2004-2006, Lenny DiNardo, back to Boston. DiNardo has not been the greatest pitcher, as he did not even pitch in 2010, and his best season was in 2007, when he went 8-10/4.11/59. DiNardo's best season came with the Oakland A's, pitching coach, Curt Young's former team, so maybe Young can help DiNardo get his act together again. The Red Sox are also close to a deal with Dan Wheeler, although unfortunately, yesterday, Matt Guerrier was signed by the Dodgers and Jesse Crain was signed by the White Sox. Lenny DiNardo and Matt Albers are both small steps, but I would really like to see them sign Brian Fuentes or maybe make a trade for somebody good.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Red Sox To Sign Former Oriole, Matt Albers

Last night, the Red Sox began the process of upgrading their bullpen by agreeing to a contract with relief pitcher, Matt Albers. Albers had a pretty tough season in 2010, going 5-3/4.52/49, but a few years ago, in 2008, he went 3-3/3.49/26 so he has potential. He may not be one of the key aspects of their bullpen, but he will be competing for a spot in Spring Training, and if he does well we may see him. The signing is not yet official, and I don't know what the contract is (though probably not much), but they will probably end up signing him. This is a small jump, but hopefully some of the other relievers they are looking at, like Jesse Crain, Brian Fuentes, and Matt Guerrier accept the Red Sox' offers. This a very small step in their bullpen but it may be the beginning of a marathon.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Yankees Go Off The Cliff

Last night, Cliff Lee dealt the Yankees a huge blow by, instead of signing with the Yankees (the obvious favorites), going to the Phillies. The most painful part of this for the Yankees is that he left them for 2 years and $60 million less than what the Yankees were offering (7 years, $160 million, rather than the Phillies' 5 years for $100 million). Cliff Lee had a great year in 2010, going 12-9/3.18/185, as he is without a doubt, a great pitcher. I think that without Lee, the Yankees and Rays really aren't going to be much competition for the Red Sox in 2011. I'm really happy that the Phillies swooped in and made this move much like the Red Sox with Carl Crawford. The Yankees are going to be pretty depressed for a while, don't be too hard on 'em, Red Sox fans! ;)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Red Sox Looking At Trio Of Twins

To upgrade their bullpen, the Red Sox have been targeting 3 main relief pitchers, all from the Twins. They are Jesse Crain (right), Brian Fuentes, and Matt Guerrier, all of which are pretty good pitchers and had good years in 2010. Jesse Crain went 1-1/3.04/62, Brian Fuentes went 4-1/2.81/47, and Matt Guerrier went 5-7/3.17/42, as I would probably be happiest with acquiring Fuentes. The model contract seems to be set by Scott Downs and Joaquin Benoit as being around $15 million for 2 or 3 years. I think these are all able relief pitchers and it would be fantastic if the Red Sox got any of them. I think one or two of these players could change the Red Sox from a bad bullpen into a top notch one.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Red Sox Pushing Yankees Even Harder

It has been reported that at the Winter Meetings, the Red Sox gave Cliff Lee a 7 year offer with the sole purpose of raising the price for the Yankees. The Red Sox offer was pretty low on the money end, so they really aren't interested in him. Cliff Lee had a great season in 2010, going 12-9/3.18/185, so we definitely rather see him going back to the Rangers than winding up in New York. The Red Sox offer also served the purpose on focusing the Yanks on Lee so the Red Sox could sign Carl Crawford for 7 years of his own. The Rangers and Yankees seem to be the main contestants in the Cliff Lee race and I really hope he chooses Texas. The Red Sox need to improve their bullpen really badly, but they don't really need starting pitching anyways.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Carl Crawford Is Now An Official Red Sock

Today, the Red Sox formally introduced left fielder Carl Crawford as a member of the Red Sox. He has now officially signed the 7 year, $142 million contract that the Red Sox gave him on Wednesday. Crawford will hopefully continue his distinguished career as a great hitter, fielder, and most of all, baserunner. Crawford had a great season in 2010, going .307/19/90, which was his best year production-wise. He also stole 47 bases, which shows just how amazing he is, because that is a low number for him. He will bring a refreshing burst of speed to a team whose leading base stealer last year (Ryan Kalish) stole 10 bases. I am really happy about this move and I think this move along with Adrian Gonzalez will make the Red Sox a great team in 2011.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Red Sox Finalize Jason Varitek Deal

Today, the Red Sox closed the deal on the 1 year, $2 million contract that the Red Sox agreed to with Jason Varitek last week. Varitek had a rough year last year, due to injuries, going .232/6/17, he is a good backup catcher, but I think as starting catchers go, Jarrod Saltalamacchia is the stronger option. Varitek is a pretty good defensive catcher other than the fact that he does not have a good arm, as the Red Sox all together last season only threw out 9% of base runners. The Red Sox are also competing with the Yankees and Blue Jays for former Dodgers' catcher Russell Martin. The Dodgers non-tendered Martin last week, and the Red Sox and Yankees especially appear to be trying to bolster their catching positions with him. I am glad that they made this move, but I think that the Red Sox should try to acquire Martin or some other catcher as well.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Red Sox On Verge Of Signing Crawford

Last night, the Red Sox came to terms with Carl Crawford that would send him to Boston for a 7 year stint! The contract would be worth $142 million over 7 years, which would give him an average of a little bit more than $20 million a year. In 2010, Crawford had a fantastic season, going .307/19/90 which was arguably his best season, as it gave him career highs in home runs and RBIs. He is also fabulously fast, as he stole 47 bases last year and 60 in 2010. There are a few implications to be worked out such as a physical, but other than a few things, the deal is basically complete. If this deal works out, which is appears it will, I think it will be the best move they've made since signing Manny Ramirez.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Red Sox Looking At Beltran, Ordonez

Today the Red Sox discussed a trade for outfield bat, Carlos Beltran (right) with the Mets. Beltran will receive $18.5 million in 2011, meaning the Mets will probably have to pay at least part of his contract as he is definitely not worth the money, as he went .255/7/27 last season, but he is a good player. Magglio Ordonez (left) is a free agent, who the Red Sox have been interested in for a while. He had a pretty good year last year, despite playing only 84 games, going .303/12/59. He is a free agent who will probably make between $10 and $15 million next year even though he is 37 years old. I'm not quite sure which one of these players I would rather have, but I would have to say Magglio Ordonez, just because he would cost less. In any case, I think they are both great players and I would be thrilled to get either one.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Red Sox Finalize Gonzalez Trade

This morning the Red Sox finalized the deal that will send Adrian Gonzalez to Boston in exchange for Casey Kelly, Anthony Rizzo, and Reymond Fuentes. After a tumultuous weekend, the result we all wanted ended up happening when the Red Sox held a press conference this morning where the slugging first baseman tried on his new hat and jersey. Kevin Youkilis looks like he will be playing 3rd base next year while Adrian Gonzalez, who isn't too shabby on defense will take over on first base. I hope the Red Sox can work out a long contract extension with him so that this will be a long, happy relationship. I am very glad to be seeing Adrian Gonzalez in that new Red Sox hat!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Adrian Gonzalez Deal Is Back Again

I'm really confused, so first the Red Sox trade for Adrian Gonzalez, then they nix the deal, then they revive the trade. The slugging first baseman that went .298/31/101 last season is apparently going to come to Boston after all. The reason the Red Sox nixed the deal is they couldn't get a contract by 2:00 p.m. today, but they might have worked one out after all, but aren't going to announce it until April to avoid the luxury tax. I defnitely wouldn't want our top prospects to go for a one year option. Casey Kelly, Anthony Rizzo, and Reymond Fuentes will end up in San Diego I suppose, hopefully it is worth it. I'm very happy about this deal and hopefully it actually happens this time.

Gonzalez Deal To Be Nixed

Well, the Red Sox got our hopes up again, the deal for Adrian Gonzalez was nixed today. The Red Sox could not work out a contract extension with Gonzalez so, at least for now, the trade is off. On the lighter side, we still have Casey Kelly, Anthony Rizzo, and Reymond Fuentes; who were rated, respectively, #1, #3, and #6 in the Red Sox' farm system. Still, it was kind of depressing after all the news yesterday, him being a fantastic player, going .298/31/101 last season in a bad hitters' park. Next week are the Winter Meetings and the Red Sox seem to be looking for a big bat, like Carl Crawford or Jayson Werth, and some help in the bullpen, like Matt Guerrier or Scott Downs. The deal is off for now, but at least the Sox have their prospects.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Red Sox Trade Top Prospects For Adrian Gonzalez

This morning, the Red Sox appear to have worked out a deal that will send first baseman Adrian Gonzalez over to Boston for three high-end prospects. Adrian Gonzalez is a fantastic baseball player who the Sox have been looking at for several years and went .298/31/101. The Red Sox traded 3 of their best prospects, in Casey Kelly, Anthony Rizzo, and Reymond Fuentes, but hopefully it will be worth it. In this move, Adrian Beltre will probably not be signed, and Kevin Youkilis will be moved the third base presumably. The Red Sox are probably going to work out a contract with Gonzalez because he will be a free agent after 2011, and is said to be looking for a Mark Teixeira-like contract, of 8 years for $160 million. All things considered, you can't imagine how happy I am that they made this move!

Red Sox Non-Tender Three Players

Yesterday the Red Sox non-tendered, or didn't offer a contract, to Hideki Okajima (right), Taylor Buchholz, and Andrew Miller. The last of these two were signed off-waivers by the Red Sox this offseason. Hideki Okajima was the biggest name in this because just 3 years ago, in 2008, he went 3-2/2.61/60 and the year before that, he went 3-2/2.22/63. However, Okajima was a lot worse this year going 4-4/4.50/33. Taylor Buchholz, 1-0/3.75/9 was actually not bad, while Andrew Miller's 1-5/8.54/28 was pretty bad. I'm a bit surprised the Sox didn't offer these people contracts but I suppose it might be for the best.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Captain Returns Again!

Today, the Red Sox settled a deal with Jason Varitek so that he is going to return by signing a 1 year, $2 million contract. In 2010, Varitek went .232/7/16, hitting 7 home runs in the first two months as a backup but doing pretty badly from then out. He broke his right foot in June which hampered his performance for the rest of the season. I think at this point in his career, Jason Varitek is a better backup than a starter, and I think the Red Sox should go for Rod Barajas or somebody like that. However, I think he is probably a better option than Jarrod Saltalamacchia if Saltalamacchia continues the way he's been playing the last couple of years. I'm glad the Sox resigned Varitek, don't get me wrong, but they need a better catcher to complement him.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Crawford Meets With Red Sox

I never really thought the Red Sox were going to make a push for Carl Crawford, I always thought they were going to go more for Jayson Werth. However, today the Red Sox had a meeting with Carl Crawford in Houston. In 2010, Crawford had yet another fantastic season, going .307/19/90, along with an excellent 47 stolen bases. 2010 was actually probably Crawford's best hitting season, but in 2009, he stole 60 bases including 6 in one game against the Red Sox. Crawford will probably be looking for a similar contract to Matt Holliday's contract that he signed last offseason, for 7 years and $120 million. I think it would be great if they signed Crawford or Werth since they met with both of them.

Beltre and Lopez Reject Red Sox Arbitration

Yesterday, two of the players that the Red Sox offered arbitration last week, Adrian Beltre and Felipe Lopez. Beltre also declined Boston's $10 million option for 2011 a while ago, which means the Red Sox are going to have to offer him a big contract if the Sox want to keep him after his monster season of .321/28/102. Apparently he is seeking a contract close to the one Torii Hunter signed recently that was 5 years and $90 million, averaging $18 million a year. Adrian Beltre is also a Type A free agent, while Felipe Lopez is a Type B free agent, meaning that the Sox get a prospect if Beltre signs elsewhere but not if Lopez does. I hope the Sox can sign both of them, especially Beltre!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Red Sox Show Interest In Matt Guerrier

The Red Sox have shown interest in free agent relief pitcher, Matt Guerrier. Guerrier had his second straight really good season with the Twins last year, going 5-7/3.17/42 after going 5-1/2.36/47 the year before. After the Red Sox' bullpen was a bit shaky last year I think this would be a good move to make to help bolster it. Matt Guerrier made $3.15 million in 2010, and although he will more than likely be looking for a raise, he probably won't be too expensive. The Red Sox are also standing as the frontrunners for Jason Werth and Justin Upton. I think that this would be a good move to make for the Red Sox and they should go for it.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Rod Barajas The Next Red Sox Catcher?

The Red Sox have shown a slight interest in journeyman catcher, Rod Barajas, as Victor Martinez's replacement. In 2010, in a season split between the Mets and Dodgers, Barajas hit .240/17/47 in 99 games. Rod Barajas may actually be just the answer that we are looking for as he is not a bad hitter, as he's got a little pop in his bat. However, the main thing is his catching, because Victor Martinez was a pretty bad all around and Jason Varitek couldn't throw well, Barajas could give Red Sox fans a deep breath behind the plate. Although Rod Barajas only threw out 15% of baserunners this season, in his career he has thrown out 32%. The Sox were close to inking Barajas in July, but then he got injured so the trade was annulled. All in all, I think this is a great decision and I hope that they will make it happen.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Red Sox Fill 40-Man Roster

Yesterday the Red Sox claimed outfielder Jordan Parraz off waivers from the Royals, thus filling their 40-man roster. He has not really broken into the majors yet, but in the minor leagues last season he went .266/11/61 with the AAA affiliate of the Royals. In the minor leagues, he is a career .289 hitter so he has some promise to be a good major league outfielder. He generally classifies as a right fielder so maybe if the Sox can't get anyone better he will be J.D. Drew's replacement in 2012. Parraz was the Astros' 3rd round pick in 2004, and he spent 5 years with that organization. In any case, Parraz could become a good acquisition in later years.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Will Jarrod Saltalamacchia Be Our 2011 Catcher?

With star catcher Victor Martinez on the verge of signing with the Detroit Tigers, the Red Sox are exploring options for catchers. The most obvious solution to this problem would be to start Jarrod Saltalamacchia for 2011. In 2010, Saltalamacchia had a pretty rough year, going .167/0/2 in a season split between the Rangers and Red Sox. Although he has not been good of late, mostly due to injuries, he had a pretty good rookie season in 2007, going .266/11/33. The Red Sox also have Saltalamacchia under control over the next three seasons. They could also simply sign or trade for a better catcher, which I think they will at least attempt to do. Whatever happens, I think Saltalamacchia will factor in somehow in 2011.

Monday, November 22, 2010

The Red Sox May Have Bill Hall #2

The Red Sox have offered arbitration to utility middle infielder Felipe Lopez. In 2010, Lopez had a pretty bad season, going .233/8/37, but he had a much better season in 2009, when he went .310/9/57. Last season the Red Sox signed Lopez with around a week left last season and he would be a Type B free agent, meaning that the Red Sox would not receive prospects if he went elsewhere. If he accepts arbitration with the Red Sox, he may be the next Bill Hall, as he is a great utility man and is very affordable, even more so than Felipe Lopez. I hope that Lopez accepts and has a good bounce-back season in 2011.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Possibility For Justin Upton?

It appears that the Red Sox have had multiple trade talks with the Arizona Diamondbacks over right fielder Justin Upton. In 2010, Upton went .273/17/69, but his best season was in 2009, when he made the All-Star Team and went .300/26/86. Other teams are making a shot for Justin Upton, most notably the Yankees. If the Red Sox were to get Upton, however, they might well have to give up Jacoby Ellsbury and Daniel Bard, at least that's what the D-Backs think. In any case, this won't be another deal where they trade a few prospects for Justin Upton. But if this works out, they will be a much better team in 2011.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Red Sox Claim Taylor Buchholz

Today, the Red Sox claimed relief pitcher Taylor Buchholz (right), who, just to clear things up, is not Clay's brother. In 2010, Taylor Buchholz recovered from Tommy John surgery and only pitched in 9 games, going 1-0 with a 3.75 ERA. In the minor leagues this year, Buchholz actually did worse, going 1-1 with a 5.06 ERA. Since the Red Sox already have 6 eligible starting pitchers, so if he wants to make the team in Spring Training so he will probably have to settle to be a reliever. The Red Sox' 40-man roster stands at 36 with the addition of Buchholz. I hope that Buchholz #2 works out for the Sox as well as Buchholz #1!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Red Sox Trade For Andrew Miller

Today, the Red Sox made a trade with the Marlins to acquire pitcher, Andrew Miller (right) for reliever Dustin Richardson. Last season, Miller went 1-5/8.54/28, and although he was viewed as a great prospect a few years ago, he is now sort of a lost cause. Last year, they acquired Jeremy Hermida, and this is the next former prospect and now lost cause that the Red Sox acquired in the last years. It's sort of strange that the Red Sox did this, as Richardson had a much better season, as he went 0-0/4.15/12. I hope this move works out for the Sox!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Werth A Shot?

Apparently, the Red Sox have reached out to Jayson Werth's agent and have surprised nobody in showing interest in Werth. Last season, Werth had a pretty good year, going .296/27/85. Werth's price range is expected to be somewhere around the price range of Jason Bay and Matt Holliday, making around $15 million a year. This would be a bit more than their current outfielders, J.D. Drew and Mike Cameron's contracts of $14 million and $7.5 million, however this is the last year of both of their contracts. The Red Sox have also expressed interest in Jason Varitek (.232/7/16) and Adrian Beltre (.321/28/102) as he had a great season with them. In my opinion, it would be awesome if they signed all three of them!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Red Sox Keep Big Papi For 2011!

Today, the Red Sox exercised their $12.5 million club option on David Ortiz. Hopefully some other time this offseason they can give him a multi-year option because I don't just want Papi on the Sox for 2011, I want Papi to be on the Sox until the end of his career! Tonight was also the deadline for the option to get picked up, and since the Sox and Ortiz couldn't reach common ground for a multi-year offer. Also, Scott Atchison's option, but declined the options for Bill Hall and Felipe Lopez. David Ortiz had a pretty good season this year at .270/32/102, but hopefully next year his average will improve a little. Big Papi is a great player and I'm glad we could keep him.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Farrell's Replacement Arrives

Today the Red Sox hired their replacement for John Farrell, former A's pitching coach Curt Young (right). This year, Young led the A's to an AL-low 3.58 ERA. Young has been the A's pitching coach for the past 7 years; while Farrell had been on the Sox for the past 4 years. Young denied the multi-year contract that the A's gave him, and he came to the Red Sox because the Red Sox (89-73) are a little bit better than the A's (81-81), even though the A's have better pitching. People who have worked with Young say he is an excellent pitching coach which is definitely a plus. I sure hope he works out for the Sox!

And The Giants Win The World Series!

Last night the Giants beat the Rangers in Game 5 of the World Series and are now 2010 World Series Champions! They won 3-1 on the back on Tim Lincecum (right) who went 8 innings, allowing 1 run, and striking out 10 men. Edgar Renteria went 1-3 with 3 RBIs, as he had a big home run. I really hope that the Sox can resign Papi, or do something, look for my blogwriting to go down if there isn't much news. I can't cover the playoffs anymore after all.

Friday, October 29, 2010

More Than Just Us Love Tim Wakefield

Last night, before Game 2 of the World Series, Tim Wakefield (right) was presented with the Roberto Clemente Award for 2010. This year, Tim Wakefield had a pretty bad season, going 4-10/5.34/84, as it was pretty much his worst season. Still, the Roberto Clemente Award is a nice thing to have, as it means he is a great person too, and this will end his career on a good note as he is probably bound to retire before too long. Also, David Ortiz may strike a deal with us as he is a free agent this year. Game 3 of the World Series tonight, the Giants are up 2-0!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Not Quite What We Thought of Game 1

Last night, the Giants and Rangers faced off in Game 1 in the World Series. With Tim Lincecum and Cliff Lee pitching, it was expected to be a 2-1 or 1-0 game, instead it ended up being 11-7 Giants, the second most runs in a World Series Game 1, behind the '04 Red Sox, the stats they come up with! Freddy Sanchez (right) had a good game, going 4-5 with 2 runs and 3 RBIs, as he had a great game. Juan Uribe hit a 3-run homer as well, and about 5 other guys had 1 RBI too. I hope the Giants can beat the Rangers, but the Rangers also deserve one.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Blue Jays Steal Our Coach

Well, goodbye, John Farrell, we've enjoyed having you as a pitching coach. The Toronto Blue Jays have taken our beloved pitching coach, John Farrell (right) and making him their manager in a very similar situation to what happened last year with the Astros and Brad Mills. The Blue Jays have replaced manager Cito Gaston with John Farrell, who has been the Red Sox' pitching coach since 2007. He is 48 years old and pitched for 8 years with the Cleveland Indians, Detroit Tigers, and Los Angeles Angels during the late 1980's and early 1990's. The Red Sox' owner, John Henry, said that "He will be an effective, excellent manager;" so strong praise. We will miss him, as he was a great pitching coach, leading us to a World Series Championship and one of the best pitching staffs in the Major Leagues. We'll miss you, John!

2010: The Year Of The Underdog

Last night, the Giants beat the Phillies 3-2, and are going to the World Series to face the Texas Rangers. Last night, Cody Ross (left) was named NLCS MVP of 2010. The night before, Josh Hamilton (right) was named ALCS MVP. Over the full year, Cody Ross went .269/14/65, but he stepped it up a notch, going .350/3/5 in the NLCS. Josh Hamilton was a bit different, he did great in the season too, going .359/32/100, leading the league in batting average; in the ALCS he went .350/4/7. The 2010 World Series will be a definite pitching World Series, as both of these underdogs have fantastic pitching. On Wednesday, the Giants and Rangers will go up head to head in San Francisco for the 2010 World Series. Not much has been happening for the Red Sox, except for their plans to upgrade Fenway Park, which has been happening for several years may be finishing. So far, they have put seats on the Green Monster, and added a huge TV, now they are adding HD TVs instead of the two little scoreboards on the right and left sides of the field. I hope the Red Sox can have a good offseason, and I hope this is a great World Series.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Rangers-Yankees Split Next Two

Yesterday, the Yankees beat the Rangers 7-2, but the Rangers won the previous game 10-3, giving the Rangers a 3-2 lead in the series. C.J. Wilson did pretty badly, allowing 6 runs in 5 innings as that was probably the worst start by a Rangers pitcher this postseason, or at least ALCS. The Giants won their last two games, and are now winning 3-1 against the Phillies. I hope the Rangers and Giants make it to the World Series.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lee Brilliant As Rangers Pull Ahead

Last night, the Rangers destroyed the Yankees 8-0 to pull ahead in the series 2-1! Cliff Lee (right) was simply fantastic, he struck out 13 and allowed 2 hits in 8 shutout innings. Josh Hamilton and Dustin Moreland each had 2 RBIs last night against the Yankees. Elvis Andrus, Nelson Cruz, and Bengie Molina all had 1 RBI last night. Josh Hamilton also scored two runs. Wouldn't it be fantastic if the Rangers won the ALCS, just 2 more wins for them!