Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekly News

Last night the Red Sox lost 3-5 to the Rays, finishing their week at 3-3. They got there by losing a series 1-2 to the Rays and winning a series 2-1 to the Mariners. Our Player of the Week is Marco Scutaro (right) who had no homers and 5 RBIs and he is now .274/7/45 as he has been pretty good this year. Clay Buchholz had a great start this week allowing 2 runs in 7.1 innings and Jon Lester allowed 1 run in 7 innings as they have both been great this year. The Red Sox have a day off today but then they have Josh Beckett (4-3/6.50/81) and Brian Matusz (6-12/4.79/111) take the hill in Baltimore. If the Sox want to make the playoffs they need to do very well over the next few weeks.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Buchholz Not Quite Good Enough In Loss (74-56)

Last night the Red Sox lost 2-3 to the Rays, the bad part was that they held the lead for most of the game and Clay Buchholz pitched very well through 7.1 innings. He allowed 2 runs, 1 earned in those 7.1 innings, he is now 15-5/2.21/105 as he has been great this year. Adrian Beltre hit an RBI sac fly and went 1-3. Victor Martinez hit his 3rd home run in 2 games, he is now .292/13/54 as he also went 4-5 yesterday. Unfortunately, Scott Atchison allowed a walk-off home run in the 10th inning to Dan Johnson. Tonight, John Lackey (12-7/4.51/114) and James Shields (12-11/4.76/153 will take the mound. The Sox fell back to 5.5 games back as the playoffs are looking grim.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Battery Gets an Double-A In Win (74-55)

The Red Sox beat the Rays yesterday by a score of 3-1. The MVPs of this game were the battery (the catcher and the pitcher). Jon Lester went 7 innings, striking out 10 and allowing only 2 hits, although he did walk 5 people, he is now 14-8/3.12/176 as he has been very good this year. The other great player in this game was Victor Martinez (right) as he went 3-4 with 2 home runs and 2 RBIs, he is now .285/12/53, an interesting fact is that Martinez became the first player this year to hit 2 homers in a game off David Price. The other RBI belonged to Jed Lowrie, as went 1-4, he is now .280/3/9 as he has been pretty good this year. Tonight, Clay Buchholz (12-5/2.26/96) and Matt Garza (13-7/3.62/127) will pitch. This could very well be another pitching game, plus the Yankees lost!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wakefield Unable To Keep Momentum Going (73-55)

Earlier tonight, the Red Sox lost 2-4 to the Mariners to be denied the sweep. Tim Wakefield was not particularly sharp, allowing 4 runs and 3 earned runs in 5.2 innings, he is now 3-10/5.27/72 as he has been pretty bad this year. The Red Sox scored their runs on a solo home run by J.D. Drew (right) and a run by Ryan Kalish. Drew is now .258/17/59 as he is going on a hot streak and Ryan Kalish is now .233/2/8 as he is on a cold streak. The Red Sox resume their season on Friday after an off-day tomorrow and Jon Lester (13-8/3.26/166) and David Price (15-5/2.97/146) will square off in Tampa Bay. The Red Sox stand 5.5 back in the division and the wild card as the Yankees and Rays are tied.

Red Sox Play Through Rain To Beat Mariners (73-54)

The Red Sox beat the Mariners 5-3 today led by a good start by Josh Beckett (right). Beckett allowed 3 runs in 6.1 innings and is now 4-3/6.50/81 as he really has not been very good this year. Daniel Nava had a good game, going 1-3 with his one hit being a two-run single. Adrian Beltre went 1-3 with an RBI and two runs scored, he is now .325/23/87 as he has been great. Darnell McDonald pinch-ran for Nava and got an RBI going 1-1. Mike Lowell went 0-1 with an RBI. Later tonight, Jon Lester (13-8/3.26/166) and Felix Hernandez (9-10/2.51/183) will take the mound. If the Sox win tonight they will have swept the Mariners, too bad I couldn't see it.

An Emotional Night In Boston

Well, last night I was very excited about going to see the Red Sox-Mariners game at 7:10. I was up in Boston for the first time since Christmas and it was good to be back. I had heard that this was the driest summer on record in Boston so I was surprised when it was pouring rain. I went to my seats in Fenway and they were great seats, 20 rows or so behind home plate! I had about an hour to kill before the game started so me and my family walked around a little bit. We even went up on the Green Monster and I must say, it was pretty cool looking down from up there. Around 7:00 we got the news that the game was going to be delayed until the rain moved out of the area, the problem being that it had been steadily raining for several hours. The rain didn't move out of the area and about a half-hour later they gave us the news that the game was going to be postponed until tomorrow. The bad thing about that is that I'm flying home today so no baseball games for me this year. Just my luck, I've been to Fenway 3 times and the game has gotten cancelled twice.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Scutaro and Lackey Make Good Team in Win (72-54)

Last night the Red Sox beat the Mariners 6-3 to open their three game series with the Mariners. John Lackey was very good, allowing 2 earned runs and 3 runs in 8 innings, including a season-high 10 strikeouts to earn the win, he is now 12-7/4.51/114 as this is his second straight win. Marco Scutaro (right) had a fantastic game, going 2-4 with 4 RBIs on two singles, he is now .276/7/44 as Scutaro has been pleasantly consistent this year. J.D. Drew (.261/16/58), Adrian Beltre (.325/23/86), and Jed Lowrie (.299/3/8) also went 2-4, along with an RBI for Drew. Tonight, Josh Beckett (3-3/6.67/74) and David Pauley (2-4/3.70/27) take the hill in Fenway. I hope the Sox don't disappoint in the game I see tonight!!!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Weekly News

Yesterday, the Red Sox beat the Blue Jays 5-0 to finish the week with a 4-2 record and 71-54 on the season. Our Player of the Week is Adrian Beltre (right) who had 1 homer and 6 RBIs last week, winning his 3rd Player of the Week this year. He is now .323/23/86 as he is having an awesome season. Victor Martinez also had a very good week, having 0 homers and 6 RBIs, he is now .283/10/50 as he is having a respectable season. Some highlights of this week were Ryan Kalish's (.250/2/8) first major league grand slam, Daniel Nava's (.273/1/17) game-winning hit by pitch and game-saving catch, and Jed Lowrie's (.302/3/8) walk-off home run. Clay Buchholz had two impressive performances this week, he went 7 innings in one, 6 in the other, both without allowing a run. Buchholz has really come into his own this year as he is now 15-5/2.26/96. This week, the Red Sox face the Mariners in a three-game series (I'm going to Fenway on Tuesday!), they have an off-day on Thursday and then head to Tampa Bay to take on the Rays. The seris against the Rays could be critical in the Red Sox's playoff hopes.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Red Sox Working Overtime, Walk-Off In 11 (70-54)

Last night the Red Sox beat the Blue Jays 5-4 on a walk-off home run by Jed Lowrie (right) in the bottom of the 11th. Lowrie is now .317/3/8 as he has been pretty good so far filling in for Pedroia (who is back on the DL, big surprise). Daisuke Matsuzaka was pretty good, allowing 4 runs in 8 innings, only throwing 100 pitches, he is now 8-4/4.19/103 as he has been fairly good this year. Victor Martinez had a great game, going 3-5 with 3 RBIs, he is now .284/10/49 as his power has not been too good this year but he has been consistent. The other run came on an RBI by Adrian Beltre, who is now .324/23/85 as he has been fantastic this year. Today, Clay Buchholz (14-5/2.36/89) and Shaun Marcum (11-6/3.69/120) will pitch. I hope the Sox can take the series win over the Blue Jays in today's rubbermatch.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

I Didn't Know Lester Could Do This! (69-54)

Last night the Red Sox lost miserably to the Blue Jays, by a score of... wait for it... 2-16! Jon Lester was pretty awful, allowing 9 runs in 2 innings, he is now 13-8/3.26/166 as he has been good as a general rule this year. The only bright spot in this game was that the Red Sox 2 runs came on a two-run double by a new face, Dusty Brown. Tonight, Daisuke Matsuzaka (8-4/4.17/95) and Ricky Romero (10-7/3.43/136) as hopefully the Sox will come back from this opener. The good thing about last night was that the Rays and Yankees both lost, which also means we missed out.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Beckett's Tough Season Continues (69-53)

Last night the Red Sox lost 2-7 to the Angels, ending their perfect season against them with the season series ending up at 9-1. Josh Beckett had yet another very tough night, allowing 6 runs in 6.1 innings, he is now 3-3/6.67/74 as he has, well, been really bad this year... David Ortiz (right right) hit a home run last night, he is now .268/27/78 as he has been a very pleasant surprise this year. Adrian Beltre (right left) had the other RBI with a sac fly, he is now .327/23/84 as he has been great this year. Tomorrow, Jon Lester (13-7/2.80/165) and Brett Cecil (9-6/3.96/89) take the hill. Hopefully the Sox will have a good series when the Blue Jays come to Fenway.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Kalish's Slam Lifts Sox Over Angels (68-52)

Last night the Red Sox beat the Angels to improve to 8-0 against the Angels this season. Ryan Kalish (right) hit his first major league grand slam to right center field in the 4th inning, making him now .300/2/8 as he has been impressive in the major leagues. Darnell McDonald also hit a home run, in fact he crushed it so far it shattered the back window of a car! He is now .265/8/30 as we didn't expect him to be very good this year but he has definitely surprised. Dustin Pedroia made his grand return to Fenway last night, unfortunately he went 0-4 with a strikeout. Tonight, John Lackey (10-7/4.54/99) and Scott Kazmir (8-10/6.36/66). It's always fun to see someone play against their old team, especially in Lackey's case.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Weekly News

The Red Sox lost 3-7 to the Rangers today, giving them a 4-3 week this week. Our Player of the Week is J.D. Drew (right) who won his 3rd Player of the Week Award, hitting 4 home runs and 5 RBIs, he is now .264/16/57 as consistency has been the word. The Red Sox started off the week with a win against the Yankees to finish a 4-game set, they won a series 2-1 against the Blue Jays, and lost a series 1-2 to the Rangers. Bill Hall and Adrian Beltre also were pretty good this week, both of them had 2 homers and 5 RBIs. Next week, they start the week off with an off day, then on Tuesday they go back to Fenway to play the Angels and then continue to play the Blue Jays. On Tuesday, Clay Buchholz (13-5/2.49/86) and Jered Weaver (11-7/2.87/182). I hope the Sox can come back into playoff contention.

Lester Utterly Dominates Rangers (67-51)

Last night, was a pitching game for sure, Jon Lester (right) dominated the Rangers through 8 innings, allowing no runs and leading the Red Sox to a 3-1 win. Lester is now 13-7/2.80/165 as he has been very good this year. Felix Doubront got his first major league save, he is now 2-2/4.74/16 with 1 save now. The Red Sox RBIs went to Marco Scutaro (.269/7/39) as he has been very consistent this year, J.D. Drew (.264/16/57) as he has also been very consistent, and Bill Hall (.246/15/37) as he has exceeded expectations so much. Today at 3:05 ET, Daisuke Matsuzaka (8-3/4.09/87) and C.J. Wilson (10-5/3.30/108) as the last game of the series could be a pitching game like this one.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Third Time's The Charm, They Say!

Guess what, everybody! Jacoby Ellsbury reinjured his ribs for the 3rd time! He took a dive last night and he "felt a sharp pain in his side." Ellsbury is flying to Los Angeles to visit Dr. Lewis Yocum. He said that he knew it was bad as soon as he dove but he tried (and succeeded) to play through the rest of the 11-inning game. This is the third time this year that Ellsbury has injured his ribs, Beltre must have really got him back on April 11. Unfortunately, to make matters worse, Ellsbury wasn't even the only unhealthy player out there. Jed Lowrie got pulled from the game because of heat exhaustion. After the game, he was pale and limping, but he should be alright. Let's keep our fingers crossed that niether of these injuries end up being very bad.

Wow! A 5-4 Win! Wait, This Isn't the Home Run Derby (66-51)

Last night, the Red Sox (somehow) lost to the Texas Rangers 9-10, they hit 5 home runs and scored 7 runs in the 4th inning, including back-to-back-to-back home runs by David Ortiz, Adrian Beltre, and J.D. Drew. J.D. Drew proceeded to hit another home run in a 3-5 day, he is now .265/16/56. Jed Lowrie also hit a home run, and almost two as he was robbed by Josh Hamilton, he is now .308/2/7 as he has been pretty good. I wish I could say the same about Josh Beckett, who allowed 6 runs in 5 innings, he is now 3-2/6.51/68. Tonight, Jon lester (12-7/2.94/160) and Colby Lewis (9-8/3.37/141). I hope the Red Sox can come back from this disappointing loss.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Papelbon Blows it Again (66-50)

Today, the Red Sox were 3 outs away from a clean win, the score being 5-2 entering the bottom of the 9th. John Lackey (right) pitched well through 8, allowing only 2 runs, but Jose Bautista teed off to enter the 9th, Lackey was taken out and finished the day with 3 runs in 8 innings, he is now 10-7/4.54/99. David Ortiz had a good game, going 2-5 with 2 RBIs and a home run, he is now .263/25/75 as he has been a pleasant surprise. Jed Lowrie also hit his first home run of the year in a 1-3 day as he has been pretty good filling in for Dustin Pedroia (but not as good as Dustin!). Jarrod Saltalamacchia impressed in his Red Sox debut (Kevin Cash went on the DL, big surprise) going 2-4. Tomorrow, the Red Sox head to Texas, and Josh Beckett (3-2/6.21/64) and Tommy Hunter (9-1/3.01/38). The Sox couldn't pull off the sweep but if the Yankees and Rays lose then all is forgiven.

Hello, And Welcome to the Bill Hall Show (66-49)

Yesterday the Red Sox absolutely teed off on the Blue Jays, leading them to a dynamic 10-1 win. The star of the show, however, was Bill Hall (right) who had a great night, going 3-5 with, 2 home runs, 1 double, and 4 RBIs, he is now .247/15/36, as he has been a very pleasant surprise this year. Clay Buchholz was excellent, allowing only 1 unearned run over 8 innings, he is now 13-5/2.49/86 as he has been the Red Sox best pitcher this year. Adrian Beltre hit a 3-run homer in a 2-3 night, he is now .335/21/79 as he has been such a surprise, he has been fantastic, we expected him to be ok, but he has exceeded all expectations, even mine, which were pretty good! Tonight, John Lackey (10-7/4.60/95) and Brad Mills (1-0/4.09/6). The Sox will be looking or a sweep and I hope they get it!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Take A Deep Breath, AL East, Dustin Pedroia is Coming Back

Oh, every team who has played the Red Sox in the last 1 1/2 months has been so lucky. You know why? Because they haven't been facing arguably the best second baseman in baseball, Dustin Pedroia (right). Pedroia's dreams of hitting 20 home runs this year were crushed on June 26 when he fouled a ball off his foot, breaking his foot. But if Dustin Pedroia returns to MLB Tuesday, next week as he is planning, maybe his dreams aren't too crushed. Dustin Pedroia is having a very good season so far, at .292/12/41, he will need to be amazing over the next 2 months if he wants to reach that, but it is possible. Dustin Pedroia is my favorite player and I want to see the look on the opponent's face when this guy standing at 5'9" hits 3 home runs in a game, as he did in Colorado earlier this year.

Red Sox Homer Enough to Beat Jays (65-49)

Last night the Red Sox beat the Blue Jays 7-5 to a very suspenseful game. Daisuke Matsuzaka was not too sharp, allowing 4 runs in 5.2 innings with 7 strikeouts, he is now 8-3/4.09/87 as he is actually having a pretty decent season despite starting with an injury. J.D. Drew hit a solo home run in the 5th to give the Sox the 5-4 lead, he is now .259/13/53 as he is having his worst year in a Boston uniform. Mike Lowell (right) also hit a home run, in the 8th that gave the Sox the lead, he is now .219/4/18. Tonight, Clay Buchholz (12-5/2.66/82) and Shaun Marcum (10-5/3.44/112) as this could be a pitching game. The Yankees lost, so the Sox moved up to 5 games back.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Lester Excellent, Sox Split Series (64-49)

Today the Red Sox beat the Yankees in a pitching game of 2-1 as Jon Lester (right) was awesome, allowing 0 runs in 6.1 innings, he is now 12-7/2.94/160. J.D. Drew went 1-3 with an RBI, he is now .260/12/52 as he is having a pretty average year. Bill Hall continued his good series with an RBI in a 1-4 day, he is now .242/13/32 as he's been pretty good other than the average. Jacoby Ellsbury finally got his first hit in his return from injury in a 1-2 day, now the pressure is off and he can become to Ellsbury of old, he also stole 4 bases, tying a club record. Tomorrow, Daisuke Matsuzaka (8-3/3.96/80) and Ricky Romero (9-7/3.37/128) will square off in Toronto. I'm glad the Sox could end the series on a good note.

Weekly News

Last night, the Red Sox lost 2-7 to the Yankees, concluding their week at 3-4. Our Player of the Week is Adrian Beltre (right) who had 3 home runs and 9 RBIs. He has won his 2nd Player of the Week, he is now .336/20/75. The Red Sox are now 63-49, 7 games behind the Yankees and 4.5 behind the Rays for a wild card. This week, Ryan Kalish hit his first career home run on Friday against the Yankees. A two-run shot into the bullpen. Mike Lowell also had a pretty good week, including a two -run homer over the green monster in his first pitch back from Pawtucket. Jon Lester (11-7/3.07/154) and Phil Hughes (13-4/3.96/107) will pitch today as the Sox conclude their series with the Yankees. I hope they can tie it up with a win.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Red Sox Fall to Sabathia, Yankees (63-48)

Yesterday, the Red Sox fell to the Yankees 2-5 in a day that they were just not sharp as a group. In the second inning, Victor Martinez (right) gave the Sox an early lead with a 2-run homer, he is having a good year at .283/10/40. John Lackey just wasn't good, he allowed 5 runs in 6 innings and he is now 10-7/4.60/95. Adrian Beltre had a good day, going 2-4 with no home runs or RBIs. Yesterday the Red Sox made a minor league deal to acquire first baseman Carlos Delgado since our friend Kevin Youkilis has failed us and is out for the year (big surprise, how many injuries do we have!? 15?!). Delgado has had two major hip surgeries in the last 10 months, but Terry Francona said that "Delgado was swinging the bat great" which is definitely good. Tonight at 8:00, Josh Beckett (3-1/5.70/58) and A.J. Burnett (9-9/4.93/96). I seriously hope we can win this one, if we want to be in the playoffs, we will have to do really well.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Unearned Runs Prove the Difference in Win (63-47)

Last night, the Sox beat the Yankees 6-3. Clay Buchholz was awesome, going 7.1 innings, allowing runs, he is now 12-5/2.66/82 as he's been really good this year. Ryan Kalish (right) hit his first major league home run yesterday, a two-run shot into the bullpen, he is now .429/1/4 in 7 games at the major league level, as he has been very impressive. David Ortiz also hit a home run, a solo shot, he is now .262/24/73. Jacoby Ellsbury had one RBI last night, his first since coming back. Marco Scutaro had 2 RBIs, going 1-5 last night, he is now .278/7/37. Today at 4:10, John Lackey (10-6/4.48/88) and C.C. Sabathia (13-5/3.19/127). Last night was a perfect night, we won, and the Yanks and Rays lost... let's double it!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Beltre Keeps Hot Streak, Lifts Sox (62-47)

Last night the Sox beat the Indians 6-2 to finish with the series being tied 2-2 going to New York. Daisuke Matsuzaka was very good last night, he went 8 innings allowing only one run, he is now 8-3/3.96/80. The big hit last night was a grand slam by Adrian Beltre (right) over the green monster, he is now .336/20/75. J.D. Drew had two RBIs last night, going 1-3, he is now .263/12/51 as he has been his usual solid self this year. Tonight, Clay Buchholz (11-5/2.59/78) and Javier Vazquez (9-7/4.61/89). The Sox are 5.5 games back, they could get a lot better if they beat the Yankees in their next series.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lester Not Good, Red Sox Fall (61-47)

Last night, the Red Sox lost 1-9 to the Indians. For the second time this year, Justin Masterson stifled them, this time with 1 run in 5 innings. Jon Lester (right) is now 0-4 after the all-star break as he went 5 innings allowing 4 runs, 2 of them earned. The one run the Red Sox got was hit by David Ortiz, he is now .261/23/72. Luckily, the Rays lost as well, so the Red Sox are currently 61-47, standing in 3rd place, 6.5 behind the Yankees and Rays. A-Rod hit his 600th home run last year, all I can really say is good for him, because that's an amazing milestone, as much as I dislike him. Tonight, Daisuke Matsuzaka (7-3/4.22/74) and Josh Tomlin (1-0/1.46/7) will take the mound. I hope the Sox win so they can at least tie the series.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Beckett Masterful, Lowell Homers

Last night, the Sox beat the Indians 3-1. Josh Beckett had a fantastic game, going 8 innings and only allowing one run, he is now 3-1/5.70/58 as he has been so much better after he came back from his injury. Mike Lowell stepped into the batter's box and received a standing ovation from the fans. It was his first at-bat back after going to Pawtucket for a few games. The first pitch, he blasted a two-run homer over the green monster. Bill Hall also smacked a solo homer, he is now .242/12/30 as his home runs have been a pleasant surprise. Tomorrow, Jon Lester (11-5/3.05/150) and Justin Masterson (3-10/5.55/97). Hopefully the Sox can win this series, even though its 4 games.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Beltre's Late Game Heroics Not Enough (60-46)

Last night, the Red Sox lost 5-6, but they came back as when I stopped watching it was a pitiful 1-6. Adrian Beltre (right right) had a simply awesome game, going 2-3 with 2 home runs and 5 RBIs. Beltre is having a fantastic season, at .336/19/71 as he's been back to his 2004 self, sort of, or at least... not his Mariners self. John Lackey had kind of a tough start, allowing 6 runs in 5.1 innings, he is now 10-6/4.48/88 as he has been a disappointment this year. Tonight, Josh Beckett (2-1/6.33/50) and David Huff (2-9/6.04/34) start. The Yankees lost and the Rays won, so they are tied for first place.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Triple Weekly News

This race is getting ridiculous, I haven't been here for a few weeks, and the winner of three Player of the Week Awards is David Ortiz, that gives him 8 this year. Ortiz is .258/22/71 this year. In the past 3 weeks, the Red Sox went 9-8 after their 4-3 win today against the Tigers. Today the Yankees lost and the yesterday they won, the Red Sox are currently standing at 60-45, in 3rd place, and 6.5 games behind the Yankees for first place, and 5.5 behind the Rays for wild card. This is not the year for the Red Sox, I'm afraid, we probably won't make the playoffs. Next week, the Sox have a 4-game set against the Indians proceeding a 3-game series against the Yankees. Tomorrow, John Lackey (10-5/4.26/81) and Fausto Carmona (10-8/3.92/72). The Sox will have to be nearly perfect next week, so let's hope they are!