Sunday, January 8, 2012

Conor Says... Sign Livan Hernandez

First, I apologize for not posting the Conor Says last week, I had no internet connection and I forgot. Next, the Conor Says! Calculations have shown that the Red Sox are approximately $2 million off of the luxury tax threshold. While they will probably have to cross the threshold to field a competitive team, they are looking for cheap options. One of those cheap options to fill out the #5 spot in the rotation is Livan Hernandez. Hernandez was his usual solid self in 2011, going 8-13/4.47/99 in 175 innings for the Nationals. He also put up an FIP of 3.96 and an xFIP of 4.28 to go with a 5.08 K/9 and 2.36 BB/9. Those numbers are all very close to his career averages. While Hernandez did not reach 200 innings in 2011, he was hampered with a few injuries and only made 29 starts. The previous year, in 2010, he pitched 211.2 innings-- also for the Nats. Hernandez will be 37 when the season starts and this raises a few question marks and one solid plus. The question marks are: he's getting older, his strikeout totals are going down, could he survive in the AL East? The plus is that he will come on a cheap, one year contract. If the Red Sox could pick up Hernandez on something like a $3 million contract for one year to fill out the rotation-- I'd be happy.

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