Friday, January 6, 2012

Red Sox Interested In Paul Maholm

Reports have surfaced that the Red Sox are interested in free agent lefty Paul Maholm. Maholm had a great year in 2011 for the Pirates, going 6-14/3.66/97 in an excellent year. He also put up a 3.78 FIP and 4.03 xFIP with 5.38 K/9 and 2.77 BB/9. Maholm is effectively the opposite of a power pitcher: he doesn't strike out too many people, doesn't walk too many people, his fastball only sits around 87 mph on average. However, he gets people out on a great ground ball ratio of 49.9%, and only allowed 0.61 HR/9 in 2011. Maholm has also been mentioned by several other teams, including the Mariners, Cubs, Orioles, Padres and Pirates. After a good year like the one he had in 2011, Maholm would likely be in the range of something like a 2 year deal averaging $8-10 million a year. Something like a 2 yr/$17 million contract could probably secure Maholm as the Red Sox' #4 starter for a couple of years.

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