Sunday, January 8, 2012

Red Sox Still Interested In Ryan Madson

Apparently, and I don't know why, the Red Sox are still interested in free agent closer Ryan Madson. After the Red Sox acquired Andrew Bailey, I figured they'd probably be done shopping for expensive relievers. However, reports have surfaced that the Red Sox (along with many other teams) could be interested in Madson if his price drops. That price would have to drop quite  a bit for me to be content-- earlier this offseason, he and the Phillies had seemingly agreed on a 4 yr/$44 million contract before the Phillies signed Papelbon. Madson had a good year in 2011, going 4-2/2.37/62 in 62 games and 60.2 innings. His FIP was 2.25 and his xFIP was 2.95, as he was very good in his first year as the full time closer. He also saved 32 games to go with his 9.20 K/9 and 2.37 BB/9. Madson is very, very good-- and that is why he is such a commodity. I'd prefer if the Red Sox spent the $10 million or so it would take to sign Madson on starters.

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