Monday, September 7, 2009

Weekly News

Another week for the Red Sox, and the second pitcher has won the Player of the Week award, Jon Lester, his first time! This week he went 2-0, allowed 2 runs in 13.0 innings, and struck out 17. Jon Lester is now 12-7 with a 3.44 ERA, and 204 strikeouts. (3rd in AL, 4th in MLB) He led the Sox to an OK week, as they went 3-3 with a series win against the Rays and 1-2 against the White Sox, dropping the finale today, 5-1. The Sox are currently 79-58, 2.5 ahead in the Wild Card, but 8.5 behind the Yankees for 1st Place, there looks to be no chance at that for this season. The Sox look to rebound this week with a 2-game series against Baltimore, and a 3-game against Tampa Bay, both at Fenway.


  1. Lester has pitched great in the second half and deserves the honor. His record should be closer to 15,16 wins if he had more run support in some close games. It's looking loke the Sox will have to battle it out for the wild card (I haven't given up hope yet on the division but the Yanks have a pretty comfortable lead right now).

  2. Great choice! Lester pitched a nice game on Saturday. I agree with Uncle Ed that Lester's record should be better but it isn't due to lack of run support. Keep up the good work ... I love your blog.