Thursday, September 10, 2009

Victor Comes Through in 2-Game Sweep

Yesterday the Red Sox defeated the Orioles 7-5, largely on Victor Martinez's 3-run double (right) in the 7th inning. The Sox are currently 9 games behind the Yanks, at 81-58, while they are 2 games ahead of Texas for the Wild Card. If the Sox win one more game this year, then they have clinched a winning record on the season. Personally I think that the trade for Victor Martinez was a very good one, and even though they traded a cog in their bullpen, they needed a catcher more at the time, and Masterson is not performing on the Indians, he is 1-4 in 7 games there. For the remainder of the week, the Sox are going to play the Rays at Fenway after taking a night off tonight. I think the Sox have a good chance at the playoffs this year!


  1. Victor has been a joy to watch and a fantastic addition to the team. Last night's clutch 3-run double was a classic play that turned the momentum and probably sealed the game. Now we just need to kep ahead of the Rangers . . .

  2. It was nice to see Lester,Beckett and Bucholtz pitch well this past week. The Sox will go far into the playoffs if they pitch well. The more I see of Martinez, the more I like him. He seems to be doing a good job calling games also. The Sox must continue to win and hopefully the Rangers lose a few.