Friday, September 4, 2009

Sox Edge Rays-- Win Series

Behind Clay Buchholz's respectable start, the Red Sox beat the Rays in a 3-game series. Right is a picture of Clay and Victor, who have become an unlikely pair of friends. He allowed 3 runs in 6 innings, while striking out 3 and walking 1. Buchholz is 4-3 with a 4.40 ERA this season. In this game, each team scored 2 runs in the first, then in the second Baldelli asks Rays fan why they traded him, and hit a jack. Then in the fifth, the Rays tied the game at 3, before the Sox rallied and scored three more between the seventh and eight. 6-3 was the final score. This was the first series the Sox won since 2007, against the Rays, at the Trop. Go Sox against the Sox! (again)

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