Sunday, August 30, 2009

Weekly News

This guy is good, Jason Bay has won his 7th Player of the week award. This week Jason Bay hit 2 homers and drove in 5 runs to lead the Sox to a fantastic week, as they went 6-1 this week. They got this record with a 3-1 series vs. the White Sox and a 3-game sweep of the Blue Jays. Great moments of this week included Paul Byrd's first start (and win) of '09, Nick Green pitching, Papi's walk-off homer, and Billy Wagner's first Sox appearance. Unfortunately, I am starting school so if you start seeing my rate of posts go down, that is why. Currently the Red Sox are 6 games behind the Yanks, but 2.5 ahead of the Rangers for the wild card lead. The Sox have a tough week on the road next week, going down to Tampa Bay, then to Chicago. Go Sox! (Bay is unstoppable)


  1. Man, Bay should give some of these other guys a chance! He is on fire.

    Good luck in school buddy!

  2. Bay again! He must be cheating or something!