Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sox Contribute in '09 All-Star Game

Yesterday, the American League finished off the National League in the 2009 All-Star Game for their 13th straight victory. The Red Sox had some contributions in this. For one thing, Closer, Jonathan Papelbon got the win for them, and in the first inning, Jason Bay, loaded the bases on a single, setting up for Josh Hamilton's RBI. This really was a great game, 4-3 was the score and Mariano Rivera saved the game, getting his 4th All-Star Game save, which moved him past Dennis Eckersly (Red Sox & A's great) for the best alll-time. On friday, season play resumes as the Sox face the Blue Jays in Toronto.


  1. The (not so) unlucky number!

  2. Go Sox! I have to set aside my anti-Yankees feelings for a minute and also hand it to Rivera. It was pretty amazing a few weeks ago seeing this pitcher come up to BAT -- and getting an RBI! (by being walked with bases loaded) during the game where he got his big career record save (can't remember the number).