Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wakefield Catches 2nd in Wins

Last night, the Red Sox crushed the Florida Marlins, 8-2. One of the most important events of the night, was Tim Wakefield, moving into a tie for 2nd place in Wins with a 9-3 record this year, with a 4.29 ERA, which is not as impressive as the record. Today's knuckler worked pretty darn well as he worked 4 K's through 6 innings. Another important event is David Ortiz's 5th HR of the season. It was a solo shot into the Marlins' bullpen which jump-started an excellent 6-run inning. Later in that inning, Papi got a 2-run single as well. We will see if Wakefield can move to 1st place on Sunday against Atlanta.


  1. Wakefield's still rolling. Amd Papi has definitely getting his mojo back!

    And let's not forget Josh Beckett's homer against the Phillies the other night.

  2. Glad to see Wake doing well. Could this be the year he gets selected to the All-Star?? As of now I say he deserves serious consideration. Nice to see the starters doing better and it will be interesting next week when Smoltz starts. I know lots of people are down on Dice-K , but let's see what happens after a few more starts, after all he was 18-3 with a low era last year . Oh yeah, Sox won on your Birthday!

  3. Great to see Wakefield doing so well. I had lost faith in him last season. I'm with Uncle Ed ... let's give Dice-K a few more starts before we discount him.