Monday, April 20, 2009

Getting Back on Track!

Today the Red Sox finally finished their 4 game series against the Orioles, and they swept them! The Red Sox are now 7-6, their first time above .500 since the first game of the season! They now are tied with the Yankees in 2nd place, behind the streaking Blue Jays, who are at 10-4, and show no signs of stopping. But, the Red Sox played spectacularly in every game of the series as they won 10-8, 6-4, 2-1, and 12-1. Today, Justin Masterson, a questionable starter pitched very solidly and won the game. The Sox have had good pitching all season but it was in this series that the bats really came alive, as they hit several homers and in every game (except for game 3) they scored at least 6 runs, their pitching was strong too (except for game 1) as they gave up no more than 4 runs in any games. The Orioles were looking good at 6-3, and the Red Sox were 3-6. But now the Sox are 7-6, and the Orioles are 6-7, as their bad luck seems to have restarted.


  1. HEY Its liam Asom U menchaned the B-Jays and if your wandering Y Im not at school today its because........................

    PS. Its also becauase.................

  2. Hey conor that was a very well written post I liked a lot.

    Ps. What the heck are ya doin' not wishin' your old nana a 'appy bithday

    PPs. Hehe I like saying peepee

  3. Go Sox! Just goes to show you should never make predictions based on the very beginning of the season. As Yogi Berra said, "Predictions are difficult, especially about the future".