Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Red Sox Show Interest In Broxton

Update: Nevermind, he signed with the Royals.

Reports have surfaced that the Red Sox may be looking into possibilities for free agent closer Jonathan Broxton. Broxton will likely come for a cheap price, as he was injured and ineffective for much of 2011. He finished 1-2/5.68/10, saving 7/8 chances in 12 games and 10 innings. The fireballer had surgery on his throwing elbow in 2011, but if healthy would likely be a good pitcher. He has shown that he can be effective consistently after going 5-6/4.04/73 and saving 22/29 chances in 64 games. In 2009, he was even better, going 7-2/2.61/114 and saving 36/42 chances in 73 games. I would certainly not mind signing Broxton for bullpen depth, but he looks a lot like Bobby Jenks to me and I would not trust him in the closer role. Like Jenks, he is a closer who has been injured and declined over the past few years. He would probably be available to a 1 year/$2.5 million contract. As I said, I would like Broxton to compete for a bullpen job, but nothing more.

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