Sunday, October 30, 2011

Red Sox PIck Up Marco Scutaro's Club Option

I'm going to lead off by saying that I consider myself a big Marco Scutaro fan. However, I don't think that leads to any bias in my conclusion that this was a great move. Over the past two seasons, Scutaro has been a very valuable part of our offense, as well as our defense. Plus, with a barren free agent market this year- it's hard to believe that we could get anybody better than him on the market. Scutaro had the best season of his 9 year career by going .299/7/54 in 2011 after a pretty good season in 2010 which saw him go .275/11/56. Not to mention that in those years, he has had a .968 fielding percentage playing a very difficult position. He also brings many intangibles to the table as he appears to be a big jokester and add some life into a pretty dull clubhouse in 2011. I'm really glad that the Red Sox wasted no time in making this move and congratulations to Ben Cherington on his first move with the Red Sox!

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