Monday, October 31, 2011

Red Sox Decline Options For Wheeler and Atchison

Well, I figure I don't need a topic sentence for this post, as you probably got the gist of it from the title. However, two Red Sox relievers may not be coming back for 2012. The Red Sox declined Dan Wheeler's $3 million options and Scott Atchison's option for league minimum. I would say there is about a 50/50 chance that the Sox keep Wheeler, but they probably won't bring back Atchison. Wheeler had a decent year in 2011, but he did not live up to expectations, going 2-2/4.38/39. Scott Atchison bounced between Boston and Pawtucket for pretty much the whole year, but while he was in Boston, he was pretty effective, going 1-0/3.26/17. I would not mind seeing either of these guys back in the bullpen, especially Wheeler, as he's proven to be more consistent over the years. I don't see them bringing back Atchison for any less than his option so he's probably gone; however, if they could get Wheeler at around $2 million- I'd consider it a good move.

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