Monday, July 18, 2011

Two Wins For the Price Of One! (57-36)

Well, this is going to be a very quick blog post. The Red Sox won, but they completely killed themselves and their bullpen in the process. The final score on ESPN or says 1-0/16. And so it was, the Red Sox played 16 innings, and scored 1 run; which is sort of sad on the Rays' part because we won and they couldn't take advantage of a great offensenot scoring squat. The only run came on an RBI single by Dustin Pedroia in the 16th inning, scoring Josh Reddick. It would be safe to say that this game dropped the Red Sox' team ERA.
Josh Beckett was great, allowing 1 freaking hit over 8 innings, I'm gonna call him "Ray Killer" from now on (He did exactly that his last time out as well). The bullpen was also great, but none better than Alfredo Aceves (3 scoreless innings and the win) and Jonathan Papelbon (the save in a scoreless inning). The Red Sox had 5 hits and Dustin Pedroia had 3 of them in a 3-7 day, so its' safe to say that he was the only bright spot in their offense. I'm going to see the Sox in Baltimore tonight, and I get to watch Tim Wakefield (5-3/4.74/40) and Brad Bergesen (1-6/5.65/41).

Bright Spots:
Josh Beckett- 1 hit in 8 shutout innings
The Red Sox bullpen corps: 2 hits in 8 shutout innings
Dustin Pedroia- 3-7 with the walk-off single

Dull Spots:
The batters not named Dustin Pedroia: 2-45

This was an interesting game, but Dustin Pedroia is my man!

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