Saturday, March 26, 2011

Reyes Not Going To Opt Out Of Contract, Thank God

Today was Dennys Reyes' (right) deadline to opt out of his contract if he was not going to make the Major League Roster. However, fears that Hideki Okajima would our lefty specialist can be silenced now because he's staying with the team! This winter, he signed a minor league contract with the Red Sox but they are trying to turn it into a major league contract. So far, this spring, Reyes has been pretty good, his stats standing at 1-1/3.00/8 in 9 appearances out of the bullpen, and especially after a 3-1/3.55/25 season in St. Louis last year, he appears a better option than Hideki Okajima. Okajima has gone 0-0/6.00/6 in 6 appearances this spring, following a 4-4/4.50/33 season in 2010. This will narrow the final bullpen spot down to Alfredo Aceves (0-1/4.05/4) and Matt Albers (0-0/2.38/13) who have both been good this spring. Aceves has a minor league option, so my vote would be to start the season with Matt Albers in that spot and see how things go. I am very glad that the Sox secured Reyes, and I hope they win tonight!

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