Monday, February 21, 2011

Cameron, Varitek Adjusting To Changes In Career

Two veterans on the Red Sox, Mike Cameron and Jason Varitek will be experiencing new roles in 2011. While Jason Varitek was a backup to Victor Martinez in 2010, this is only his second year that he will start the season as a backup. Varitek was injured much of the year, and in the 39 games that he played in, he went .232/7/16. Mike Cameron has never, in his 15 year career started the season as a backup, but there's a first time for everything. After his injury-riddled 2010, when he went .259/4/15 in 48 games that he was healthy, was a definite disappointment. That added to the addition of Carl Crawford and the healthy return of Jacoby Ellsbury, and he makes for a backup. However, Cameron will still see a lot of playing time, especially against lefties, as he will probably sub for J.D. Drew. Even as bench players, these guys will be essential for the Sox and I hope they execute.

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