Monday, February 21, 2011

Adrian Gonzalez Gets Back In The Swing Of Things

Today, Adrian Gonzalez took his first swings off a tee since his shoulder surgery in October. He was cleared to take 20 swings, which he did, and looked great, he then proceeded to take 18 more, looking great. Gonzalez is scheduled for three more days of hitting off of a tee, then he will take a day to consult his physicians, and then batting practice time! He is way ahead of schedule, as his first swings were scheduled to be on March 1st, and look at us, on February 21st. His fielding of ground balls is also looking excellent and he is way ahead of schedule and will be ready for Opening Day easily. The first game of the spring is Saturday with the Sox against Northeastern University and Boston College, the first official game in Sunday against the Twins. I am hyped up about the spring coming, and even more so about the season!

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