Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Yankees Go Off The Cliff

Last night, Cliff Lee dealt the Yankees a huge blow by, instead of signing with the Yankees (the obvious favorites), going to the Phillies. The most painful part of this for the Yankees is that he left them for 2 years and $60 million less than what the Yankees were offering (7 years, $160 million, rather than the Phillies' 5 years for $100 million). Cliff Lee had a great year in 2010, going 12-9/3.18/185, as he is without a doubt, a great pitcher. I think that without Lee, the Yankees and Rays really aren't going to be much competition for the Red Sox in 2011. I'm really happy that the Phillies swooped in and made this move much like the Red Sox with Carl Crawford. The Yankees are going to be pretty depressed for a while, don't be too hard on 'em, Red Sox fans! ;)

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