Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Red Sox To Sign Former Oriole, Matt Albers

Last night, the Red Sox began the process of upgrading their bullpen by agreeing to a contract with relief pitcher, Matt Albers. Albers had a pretty tough season in 2010, going 5-3/4.52/49, but a few years ago, in 2008, he went 3-3/3.49/26 so he has potential. He may not be one of the key aspects of their bullpen, but he will be competing for a spot in Spring Training, and if he does well we may see him. The signing is not yet official, and I don't know what the contract is (though probably not much), but they will probably end up signing him. This is a small jump, but hopefully some of the other relievers they are looking at, like Jesse Crain, Brian Fuentes, and Matt Guerrier accept the Red Sox' offers. This a very small step in their bullpen but it may be the beginning of a marathon.

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