Thursday, June 3, 2010

Plenty of Options For a Lowell Trade

The Red Sox may be thinking of trading third baseman Mike Lowell, and they certainly have plenty of options to do that. The best of those options would be outfielder David DeJesus (right) who is having a good season at .300/4/22 so far for the Royals. The Pirates would trade the Red Sox Ryan Church (.202/2/9), the Indians would trade Austin Kearns (.282/3/22). The Cubs have some very nice players who we may see in a Red Sox uniform, such as Alfonso Soriano (.299/9/27), Xavier Nady (.263/3/13), or Kosuke Fukudome (.293/6/23). Of those 3 players, I would most want to have Fukudome because he has a smaller contract than Soriano. I'm open to trading Lowell, as long as they get someone good in return.

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