Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dice-K Bounces Back in Good Start (31-23)

Last night, the Red Sox beat the A's 6-4 on a good start by Daisuke Matsuzaka (right). Matsuzaka allowed 3 runs in 6.2 innings and is now 4-2/5.49/32 as he has gotten better without a doubt. David Ortiz had a go-ahead home run as he is now .275/12/33 as he is getting off on the right foot in June. By the way, David Ortiz won the Player of the Month in May and Jon Lester won the Pitcher of the Month. Kevin Youkilis also had 2 RBIs in a 1-4 night as he is a good .302/10/32 as he also has improved from a tough April. Dustin Pedroia got his first RBI in a long time as he is now .252/8/26 as he hasn't been too good after April. Today at 1:35, Tim Wakefield (1-3/5.68/25) starts against Brett Anderson (2-1/1.88/21). I hope the Sox can sweep 'em in a day game today!

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