Thursday, January 7, 2010

Red Sox and Mariners Switch Infielders

Today, Adrian Beltre signed with the Red Sox for a contract of $9 million over 1 year (2010). Beltre will probably switch out with Lowell at third base although they are both right handed bats so there will be no specific strategy to the switching out. Beltre will be, probably, the most free-swinging of the conservative Red Sox as he has swung at 30.1% of pitches outside the strike zone, according to O-Swing. The Red Sox also acquired Bill Hall, formerly, of the Mariners in the finalized deal that sent Casey Kotchman to Seattle. If Hall and Beltre produce, they could both be useful bench players as they each have good power, but generally low batting averages as they are "all-or-nothing" hitters. They also will both play good defense as Beltre is dazzling at third base and Hall is very versatile. I look forward to seeing both of these players in 2010. Go Sox, all the way!!!

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