Friday, June 12, 2009

Sox Ahead 2 Games in AL East!

Yesterday, the Sox recorded a successful sweep of the Bronx Bombers as they went on to win 4-3. In the bottom of the 8th, trailing 1-3, they had a 3-run rally and went on to win! The Sox are now 36-24, in first place by 2 games, in front of New York, who is 34-26. This was an exciting game so I will give you a "important-play" recap. This is what happened: in the top of the second, Papi hit a HR (1-0 Sox), in the top of the seventh, Francisco Cervelli hit a RBI double (1-1), in the top of the seventh, A-Rod hit a 2-run double (3-1 Yanks), In the bottom of the eighth, J.D. Drew (right) hit a RBI single (3-2 Sox), Youk hit a RBI single (3-3), Mike Lowell hit a sacrifice fly (4-3 Sox), and papelbon gets save #16.

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  1. Sweet satisfaction - a sweep of the Yankees! The lads are on a roll, and then pulling the win out of the Philies in the 13th last night - Wow!