Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekly News

Congratulations to Jason Bay! He had a spectacular week this week, with 4 homers and 14 RBIs! This is second time being Player of the Week, as he also got it in Week #1. The Red Sox had a great week this week, going 5-2, now they are 20-12 and 1st in the Wild Card spot, they would be in 1st Place, but they are right behind the best record in the AL, the Blue Jays. The Sox really rebounded from a tough week last week, at 3-4. They even beat the Rays 2-1 in a 3-game series, which was impressive. They are also one of the only 4 teams in MLB who have reached 20 wins (Red Sox, Blue Jays, Cardinals, and Dodgers). Both AL teams are in the AL East, too! After a night off on Monday they play the formidable Angels.


  1. Woooooo! The Sox are on a roll! Lets hope they win the 162 or so games in the season!

  2. Wow! Bay has been on fire. And with Manny's troubles this past week, he is looking like an even better trade. We just need to get some of these big bats like Yook off the DL and back in theline-up!

  3. Bay has been a great addition to the Sox! He really seems to be thriving since he joined the team.