Thursday, May 14, 2009

Angels Tough for Wakefield

This year, Tim Wakefield (right) has a great record, at 4-2, the bad part is, both losses have come against the Angels. Last night, they lost 8-4 against them, with Wakefield at the helm. The good news is: Daniel Bard had his MLB debut last night, which despite the loss, was a bright spot. Tomorrow, Brad Penny is pitching at 3:35 ET against last year's breakout Ervin Santana (who is 0-0 this year). Santana was 16-7 last year and finished 9th in the Cy Young voting! Penny has come very close in many seasons including 2007. I think Wakefield will get back on track after he has finished with the Angels, and I hope Penny can do what he did last time agianst the Angels!


  1. Wakefield has been a great asset this year -- to my surprise. It's amazing to watch him lob those leisurely balls over the plate and see batters scratching their heads about how to hit them. But the Angels are a tough team, as they have been for years. Fingers crossed about today's game!

  2. The Angels can be touch, but the Sox are even better!

  3. Nice to see the sox get a win and some long balls against Seattle last night. Starting pitching and men left on base has been a problem, but Beckett pitched well enough to get the W!! Hopefully Masterson can get it done today because the Rays and Yanks are not far behind.