Sunday, May 3, 2009

Weekly News

This has not been the Red Sox' greatest week of the season as they went 3-4 this week and are now 15-10 and in 2nd place. You may think the picture on your right is familiar, well it is, it is Kevin Youkilis's second time as Player of the Week! Congratulations as he is the first person in 2009 to get my award twice... ever! He is now hitting an MLB-leading .407 AVG. This week he hit 1 homer and 7 RBIs and it was in the most clutch of times. As you may have already realized I am going to use the same picture for each Player of the Week for this whole season, so you may want to get used to some of these! Go Red Sox! They are playing a 3 game series in The Bronx next so if they can sweep those Yanks, we have a good chance here!


  1. Yay! Sox won!

  2. YOOK! The guy is on fire. And thank goodness, with Papi still trying to get his swing back.