Tuesday, May 5, 2009

No one Used to Yankee Stadium

After the Red Sox-Yankees game last night, the Red Sox won and proved not even the Yankees are used to their new stadium yet. Jon Lester (right) went 7 innings, struck out 10, and has now improved to 2-2. He started out the season as a #2 starter, and 0-2, but with 3 good starts after that he is 2-2 now! Jason Bay (Player of the Week in Week #1) hit a homer and so did Mike Lowell (Week #3 Player of the Week). They won 6-4, and the Red Sox improved to 16-10, they are still in 2nd place though, but by beating the 3rd place Yankees, they earned a little breathing room.


  1. Good job guys -- let's keep those Yankees on their toes (or off their toes, better yet!). Now if only we could figure out how to take care of the Rays. At least the Orioles dealt them a blow last night.

  2. If we keep our pitching game up our hitting will be fine. Basically if we keep up with these pitchers and they can knock down all the batters they face, we can shut down all our opponents.

  3. Again? Wow, the sox are dominating BIG TIME!