Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Tough Series

Instead of sweeping the A's like I predicted, the Red Sox went 1-2 against them. I may not have said what I did though, if I had known that they had Nomar Garciapparra and Orlando Cabrera. The first 2 games the Red Sox lost 8-2 and 6-5, with Jon Lester and Daisuke Matsuzaka (who is now on the DL) pitching. The third game, Tim Wakefield (right) threw an excellent game, as the Sox went on to win that game 8-2! The Red Sox are 3-6 at the moment and I say they really need to get better, when you look at their lineup, you see a bunch of .200 and .100 something AVGs, I just don't get it! They face the Orioles next, who are 2nd place and could put lots of competition on them. But, if they do win that series in a sweep, they will have a .500 winning percentage!


  1. yo its liam I told you I'd check. Well anyway when are you gonna menchain how asom the B-Jays are. Oh Ya I'm gonna make an E-mail addres and I'm gonna tell you it at school tomarrow got it.

    PS. dont forget(I mean about about the B-Jays thing and the E-mail thing
    Its march 14 just tellin ya

  2. Yes, the lads need to get warmed up and start working hard. It's been a rocky start to the season. On the other hand, it was pretty wild watching the 8th inning rally against the As in the 3rd game -- maybe they're finding their stride again.

    Also strange to see Giambi in an As uniform. And our old friend Kevin Millar in a Blue Jays uniform!