Saturday, March 7, 2009

Drew is Back and Healthy

J.D. Drew, the rightfielder for the Red Sox, is back and healthy after having a back injury. He now feels as he can be for his return. At the beginning of this week he flew back to Boston to get a cortisone shot. Yesterday, he played DH against the Marlins as they won 5-3, he went 1-2. Now he is trying to get it acroos that he is feeling fine agin and ready to play. If Drew is not healthy for the regular season, I expct that they will put Rocco Baldelli in right field until he is feeling better. As I have mentioned before, I think Rocco is perfectly capable to do the job.


  1. Welcome back JD. Just like Smoltz, I suspect Francona will ease him in slowly so that he gets warmed up without straining anything that hasn't been exercised for a while. That's why they call it spring training!

  2. Thanks for the updates on Drew. He is an important member of the team and I am hoping he'll have a great season.

  3. Drew needs to stay healthy. He's a very good player who just cann't play a full season! Did you catch Bucholz 3 perfect innings today? Another young Sox pitcher who has listened to Smoltz and has learned from some wise advice. Bucholz has worked hard this offseason and has also received counseling to regain his confidence. He will have a very good year no matter where he is pitching. He wants to prove he belongs in Boston. Again, I love the depth in this staff.