Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Shortstop Problem? Try Lowrie!

As they have been for quite a while, the Red Sox have yet another problem at shortstop. They have 2 options, Jed Lowrie and Julio Lugo. Lugo has player terribly for 2 years with the Sox, he hit .237 in 2007 and .262 in 2008, he also has played horrible defense. Lowrie only hit .258 this past season, but his defense is some of the best I have seen. Neither are power hitters, but Lowrie plays much better defense than Lugo. Plus, Alex Cora is a free agent and the Red Sox have not resigned him, making the market small. I say go with Lowrie and keep Lugo on the bench. Lowrie also makes a great double-play partner with second baseman, Dustin Pedroia, I say stick to the Lowrie defense rather than the Lugo... I don't know.

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