Sunday, July 22, 2012

Weekly News

This was a week of major ups and downs for the Red Sox-- starting off with a great 3-1 series against the White Sox and finishing with a sweep to the (formerly) last place Blue Jays-- a 3-4 week in total. For the first time this year, the Player of the Week is the sizzling Adrian Gonzalez-- who went .428/3/12 this week and is now .296/9/58 this season. For his fourth time this year (second on the team), the Pitcher of the Week is Clay Buchholz. Buchholz went eight strong innings, allowing one run, on Thursday night's game against the White Sox and is now 8-3/5.19/72 this season. The Performance of the Week would be obvious if you've watched the Red Sox this week, but if not, the answer is Cody Ross on Wednesday, when he went 3-5 with two three-run home runs and a double. Finally, the Game of the Week is Thursday night when Cody Ross knocked a three-run walk off home run to conclude the White Sox series. Next week, the Red Sox will have a tough week as they'll head to Texas for three, take a day off, and head to New York for three more.

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