Monday, July 30, 2012

Series Preview #29: Tigers (54-48) @ Red Sox (51-51)

The biggest test of the season is over, as the Red Sox went 3-3 against the Rangers and Yankees on the road. However, it doesn't get too much easier as the 54-48 Tigers will come to Fenway Park for a three game set. The first game of this series will be a rematch of the third game of this season as Clay Buchholz (8-3/4.93/73) and Max Scherzer (10-5/4.49/142). Despite Scherzer's stats looking better, Buchholz has been great ever since April and I have him taking this game. Tuesday's post-trading deadline game will feature a former ace in Josh Beckett (5-9/4.47/82) and a current one in Justin Verlander (11-6/2.60/146). Even though the Red Sox give Verlander a tougher task than most teams, this should be a relatively easy win for the Tigers. The final game of this series will have Aaron Cook (2-4/4.50/4) going up against once promising prospect Rick Porcello (7-6/4.56/67). This all depends on whether Cook can get his sinker down, but the Red Sox have hammered Porcello to the likes of a 10.80 ERA so I'd predict a close win. Bold Prediction: Red Sox win series 2-1. 

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