Friday, June 15, 2012

Series Preview #21: Red Sox (31-32) @ Cubs (21-42)

With the Red Sox limping right now, despite just winning a series against Miami, they'll be facing the perfect team in the league worst Cubs-- who stand at a miserable 21-42. The first game of the series today will feature Daisuke Matsuzaka (0-1/7.20/8) and Ryan Dempster (2-3/2.31/63). Dempster has been a pleasant surprise for the Cubs this year (and thus, won't be a Cub for long) so I think he may edge out the inconsistent Dice-K in this start. In the next game of the series, Jon Lester (3-4/4.57/62) will square off against another surprise for the Cubs in Jeff Samardzija (5-4/3.96/72)-- the reliever turned starter. Lester hasn't exactly pitched up to par but in a close matchup like this, it should be up to the bats and the Red Sox certainly have the advantage there. The final game of this series will show Josh Beckett (4-7/4.14/56) going head to head with offseason signee Paul Maholm (4-5/4.91/43). Beckett's stats don't look terribly impressive but he's pitched well his last few times out and I'd predict a win. Bold Prediction: Red Sox win series 2-1. 

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