Friday, May 18, 2012

Series Preview #13: Red Sox (18-20) @ Phillies (20-19)

After my predicted 1-1 series with the Rays, the Red Sox will be heading to Philadelphia in a series that could go either way. The Phillies have a tremendously talented pitching staff but a rather weak offense. The Red Sox, on the other hand, have a great offense but a fairly weak pitching staff. In the first game of the series tonight, we will get to see Daniel Bard (3-4/4.30/23) going against one of the Phillies' trifecta, Cole Hamels (5-1/2.28/49). Hamels has been tremendous in his contract year this year, and if Bard's control issues continue-- even the Phillies' offense should be able to capitalize and win this game. Tomorrow night will feature Jon Lester (right)(2-3/3.71/34), who pitched a great game his last time out, against Joe Blanton (4-3/2.96/35), who has also pitched well this year. My optimism predicts a win here, but it's anything but certain. In the series finale on Sunday, we'll get to see Josh Beckett (3-4/4.97/35) against another member of the trifecta, Cliff Lee (0-1/1.95/34) in what should be a close game. I'd expect the Phillies to pull out a tight win in that game, however. Bold Prediction: Phillies win series 2-1.

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