Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Injury Bug Strikes Again, This Time With Dustin Pedroia

It's the case of Ryan Sweeney all over again-- a Red Sox player gets hurt while making an amazing play in the field. This time it was Dustin Pedroia making a diving stop at second base in Monday's 7-4 win over Detroit. However, that dive had a lasting effect as it hurt a nagging thumb injury that Pedroia had been experiencing for three weeks. The diagnosis is that Pedroia tore the abductor muscle in his thumb. This is the same injury that Kevin Youkilis had when he missed a portion of the 2010 season with surgery. Apparently, Pedroia's injury is much less severe than Youkilis's but it could still garner a couple of weeks on the disabled list. In his style, Pedroia wants to play through the injury, but it seems unlikely that both he will be able to play through this injury and that Bobby Valentine will let him. Pedroia is in the midst of a pretty good 2012 season, as he sits at .295/5/21 on the season. Before last night's game, Pedroia had started every game this year at second base. Pedroia in an invaluable part of the Red Sox and I hope we get him back soon.

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