Sunday, April 29, 2012

Series Preview #7: A's (11-12) @ Red Sox (10-11)

After winning six of their last seven ballgames, the Red Sox will look to stay hot against the Oakland. Many signs point in their favor to win the series-- they are at home and their offense (third in the league) will go against the A's (second-to-last in the league). However, will their offense be enough to offset the meager pitching matchups in this series. In the first game of the series, for instance, Clay Buchholz (right)(2-1/8.87/11) will go against rookie Tommy Milone (3-1/2.00/13). This is a matchup the Red Sox should win, but Buchholz has struggled this year-- I'm predicting a win, but I wouldn't count on it. The second game of the series is equally perplexing with Felix Doubront (1-0/4.09/22) will go against another rookie in Jarrod Parker (0-0/1.42/5). Again, this is a matchup the Red Sox should win but I wouldn't count on it. The next game is a slightly easier prediction for me with Daniel Bard (2-2/3.72/19) squaring off against A's ace Brandon McCarthy (1-3/3.23/22). I think the A's will win this final game of the series. This is a weird series as the A's have pitching advantages in every game (based on this season alone), but the Red Sox offense is so superior to theirs; this series could just as easily be a sweep for either team depending on how the Red Sox' bats perform. Bold Prediction: Red Sox win series 2-1. 

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