Friday, February 17, 2012

Waking Up Without A Red Sox Icon

A Red Sox icon is gone today-- as Tim Wakefield announced his retirement from baseball. At 45 years old, Wakefield has spent 19 seasons in the major leagues (17 with the Red Sox) and was one of the twenty five in 2004. He leads the Red Sox all-time in starts and innings pitched and is 3rd in wins with the Red Sox, ranking behind only Roger Clemens and Cy Young. He got his 200th and final win this past year and will retire as one of the most beloved members of the Red Sox ever. He faded a bit near the end of his career, with rough seasons in 2010 and 2011. He was only 7-8/5.12/93 in 2011. However, he was always a great teammate and was one of the classiest guys in baseball. He's also had one of the more versatile roles in history, succeeding as a starter, reliever, closer, and back to starter-- each with reasonable success. He may not make it into the Hall of Fame with his 4.41 ERA, but I think his number should be retired by the Red Sox.

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