Sunday, February 5, 2012

Red Sox Avoid Arbitration With Alfredo Aceves

The Red Sox have avoided arbitration with Alfredo Aceves, leaving only David Ortiz's case still on the table. Aceves' deal is worth $1.2 million with a bonus $100K in incentives for games pitched and/or starts made. Aceves was the most consistent and best reliever outside of Jonathan Papelbon in 2011, going 10-2/2.61/80. Aceves, who has pitched with both the Red Sox and Yankees in his 3 year career, has a remarkable winning percentage. His career record is 24-3, the highest winning percentage ever for a player in 20 or more decisions. In 2011, Aceves will make a bid as a starter, however, I think he is more valuable as a reliever. A reliever who can pitch 2+ innings is more valuable than a starter who can pitch 5 innings in my opinion. In 2012, Aceves will be a part of what I think will be a very good bullpen including Aceves, Andrew Bailey, Mark Melancon, Matt Albers, and a few others. I'm glad that we only have one arbitration case remaining.

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