Monday, February 27, 2012

The Captain Goes Down With the Ship

Today, it was announced that Jason Varitek plans on retiring on Thursday. Varitek spent 14 years with Boston, and was named their captain in 2005. Varitek is a career .256 hitter, and while he has declined the past few years, his influence has done the opposite. Pitchers love throwing to him, and he is shaken off as rarely as John Lackey has a good day (he didn't get shaken off much). Perhaps the moment he's most remembered for is when he got into a fight with Alex Rodriguez (right), in a game that many considered turned the 2004 season around-- they later won their first championship in 86 years. I've grown a bit tired of Varitek and his constant outs the past few years, but he's the man and I certainly appreciate what he's done for the Red Sox franchise.

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