Sunday, January 22, 2012

Conor Says... Sign Wilson Betemit

After trading away Marco Scutaro yesterday, the Red Sox will be strongly in the market for two things. Those are a starting pitcher and an additional bat off the bench. While I hope they sign Roy Oswalt for the former, the latter takes a bit more work to figure out. A guy that I think could be a really helpful player off the bench would be Wilson Betemit. Mike Aviles will likely take over the starting shortstop role and with Nick Punto off the bench, they have a strong middle infield backup. However, the past few years, Kevin Youkilis has been a growing concern for Red Sox fans as he hasn't played 140 games since 2008. The Red Sox will likely be giving Youk some time off to help him recover and having a guy off the bench who can bat .285/8/46, as he did in 2011. He would likely be available on a short, cheap contract and the Red Sox could do worse to fill out their bench.

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