Saturday, December 17, 2011

Why The Red Sox Should NOT Acquire Hanley Ramirez

Since the Marlins signed Jose Reyes this winter; they have decided that Hanley Ramirez will need to move to third base. Now, Ramirez has not been terribly happy with this move and, apparently, has requested a trade. Multiple trade rumors have surfaced and one of those is that the Red Sox have checked in on him. While Ramirez is a great player, and I am not questioning that, I have multiple reasons why he should not come back to Boston. The first and foremost of those reasons is that we do not need Hanley Ramirez. Why trade for a shortstop when your returning shortstop hit .299/7/54 last season? Plus, Ramirez is coming off his worst season in which he hit .243/10/45. That is another one of my reasons, he is coming off of his worst season. I consider him too good of a player to fall off like that (his 162 game average is .306/25/83), and I think it was mostly luck-- but still. Also, he would be extremely expensive. If the Red Sox would be using the type of prospects to acquire Ramirez, trade for Gio Gonzalez. Why trade several great prospects for a player you don't need who is coming off his worst year? Read this and mark my words, Ben Cherington-- don't acquire Hanley Ramirez.

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