Sunday, December 4, 2011

Red Sox Interested in Hiroki Kuroda

Like just about every other decent starting pitcher remotely available, the Red Sox have shown interest in Hiroki Kuroda. And why not? Kuroda had a fantastic year with the Dodgers in 2011, going 13-16/3.07/161 in his best season in MLB. The other day, the Dodgers signed Chris Capuano to effectively replace Kuroda in the Dodgers' rotation. This means that his suitors are down to the Red Sox, Yankees, Nationals, Angels, and Diamondbacks. Earlier this year (at the trade deadline), Kuroda said he did not want to move to the east. However, since the Dodgers don't necessarily want him back, he has changed his views. He is 37 years old, so he is in no position to demand a long, luxurious contract. He could probably ask for about 2 years/$20 million. I would be all for Kuroda signing with the Sox; I think it would be a move that would definitely make us one of the best teams in baseball.

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