Saturday, December 10, 2011

Red Sox Interested In D-Backs' Lefty Joe Saunders

Yesterday afternoon, the Diamondbacks made it clear that lefty Joe Saunders was on the trading block. Many teams are reportedly interested, and those teams include the Red Sox. Saunders enjoyed the second best season of his career in 2011, going 12-13/3.69/108 for the division leading D-Backs. While Saunders is not the greatest pitcher available, he has many qualities that I like. One of those is that he is a workhorse-- he has pitched 200 innings twice in the last 3 years. Another is that he is a winner, he posted 33 wins over 2008-2009, with 17 in '08 and 16 in '09. While wins and losses are not the most meaningful statistics, it does say a little bit about the pitcher, and I do like it when guys have lots of wins. Saunders would fit in nicely behind Clay Buchholz and in front of.... Miller, Aceves, Bard, Weiland? It would probably take one high tier prospect or two mid-tier guys. A package like Bryce Brentz OR something like Kolbrin Vitek and Oscar Tejeda. I'd be quite happy if the Sox could land Saunders.

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