Thursday, December 22, 2011

Offseason Coaching News

Update: Red Sox also hire Jerry Noyster as their third base coach and Alex Ochoa as their first base coach.
The Red Sox are, reportedly, close to hiring Bob McClure as their next pitching coach. For the past six years, McClure has been the Royals pitching coach and, this offseason, the Red Sox hired him in a scouting role. The Red Sox are expected to promote him to the role of pitching coach. Curt Young, the Red Sox pitching coach in 2011, returned to Oakland to rejoin the A's, who he had coached for several years prior to joining the Sox. Young didn't seem to be able to adjust to a big market team like Boston and the Red Sox were 22nd in the league with a 4.20 ERA.
     On a different note, the Red Sox have moved Tim Bogar from the 3rd base coach role to the bench coach role. Now, Bogar has been praised for his excellent baseball mind; however, that obviously didn't translate into third base coaching skills. Bogar often found a way to fail the visual test of third base coaching skills by randomly waving Sox players around the bases when they were clearly out and holding them up when they would've been clearly safe. Hopefully Bogar will be better as a bench coach than he was as a third base coach. Go Sox!

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